April 26, 2015

My Light …


Today sweet RedDog leaned over to me during church and whispered in my ear. He had just heard an apostle of the Lord say, “We must always keep our light visible for others to see. We must pray that our light will shine on those who need it in their lives.”

What did my boy whisper to me?

“Mom, you need to start writing on your blog again. It’s kind of your light.”


Here I am. My light feels a little dim if I’m being honest. I am currently in a whirlwind of stress, obligations, activities and life right now. I feel a bit tossed about, disoriented and disappointing.

But I still have a light. I’m humming “This Little Light of Mine” as I write. So for today I’m going to pretend my light is like one of those hand crank flashlights. Writing on this blog is one crank. The more I write, the more cranks I get, the brighter this light of mine is going to get.

The dark is no fun for me. The light . . . the light is where it’s at.

(photo via Luke Anderson)


Ronalin said...

Love that Soren's sensitivity to the Spirit, what a sweet kid he is. You are a light, a light for good to so many. You have been a light to me and have helped me carry my burdens and my stresses. You are indeed a bright, shining light!! (BTW, thank you Soren for helping your mom, I was so excited to see a post this morning!)

Janie said...

I so agree with Ronalin's comments. What a choice family you guys are raising! You brighten my life with your creative blog - love it - love you! We need to all find ways to keep our lights shining. . .

Apis Melliflora said...

Red Dog, God bless you.

We are people of the light!

Thank you for shining your light even in seasons of super busy.

Tracie Carter said...

Yay Soren! I hope you are back, I'm feeling pretty dim too lately. Life's too full that I had to ask to be released from my calling so I could focus on home for a while. I too feel tossed about and disappointing ... while Ryan's at the top of this game right now. You are indeed a light and I hope you can shine and share. Crank away, lil firefly!

Sue said...

Red Dog, thanks for cranking your momma's light!

The Queen Vee said...

I agree with all of the above comments. Glad you've turned your light back on, it's been dark for too long.

Red Dog, you rock.