April 27, 2015

Harry Potter With Malfoy Hair . . .


This is the tale of a boy with a scar, an owl, a wand and Draco Malfoy’s hair.

Last month Owlie’s school had a special day to dress up as a favorite book character. My little buddy and I had just finished reading the first Harry Potter book together – me reading aloud, him listening intently to every word and asking questions at least every minute or so.

It was no surprise to me that he wanted to go to school as Harry Potter and as luck would have it, another boy in our family had already been obsessed, so I had all the elements of the costume on hand.

Black robes? Check. Gryffindor tie? Check. Round spectacles? Check. Wand? Check. Owl? Check. (sorry Hedwig, we only had a brown owl) Scar? Check. The only problem? My guy has hair the color of Draco Malfoy, archnemesis to our raven haired hero.

Ollie said he’d be fine going as Malfoy. That set off a fifteen minute long speech by me about how it would not be fine to be the biggest jerk at Hogwarts – cue me listing off all the things that make Draco Malfoy so bad. I think he got the picture. We tousled his hair and sent him off as a blond Harry.

Get ready. Here’s the best part of the story.

When we got to school the kids were all dressed up. There was a ninja turtle. There was a Frozen princess. There was an Olivia the pig. But one boy’s mom had forgotten it was book character day and this little fellow burst out into tears upon entering the classroom and seeing that he was the only kid not dressed up.

Ollie was washing his hands and watched the whole scene play out. Without any prompting from me, he hopped down from the hand wash stool, walked up to his classmate and said, “Don’t worry. Here, you can have this (hands boy wand and owl) and be dressed up as Harry Potter’s friend.” The boy immediately stopped crying and they went over to the carpet to sit down next to each other for circle time.

I left the room with a full heart and thought to myself that Draco Malfoy would never have done that. It was a Harry Potter move for sure.


Janie said...

Absolutely beautiful - my heart was full just reading it! Well done Mama!!

Apis Melliflora said...

Owlie definitely lifted that little boy's spirits as quick as a swish and flick.

That's the best part of the story and I can't get over how cute he is in the picture.

Sue said...

I love that bursting feeling of, "my child is growing into such an awesome human being!" What a clever boy Owlie is!

The Queen Vee said...

It's at times like this that you think as a parent that you must be doing something right.

Owlet, thanks for sharing and caring.