March 17, 2015

When You Have A Collector . . .


My RedDog is a collector. I use that term in place of  hoarder because it makes me feel better. He loves to hold on to things, some meaningful, others complete junk. Periodically he and I will go through his room and root out the trash, separating it from the things that have meaning. It think it’s important to help a kid who likes to collect stuff realize what is worth holding on to because the reality is that you just can’t keep everything.

One thing that RedDog collects that I can appreciate is rocks. For the longest time his collection sat in a box in his closet gathering dust, only to be opened when a new special rock was added to the numbers.  Then when he was a Cub Scout he had the opportunity to really organize the collection, including finding a way to display it.

He thought an egg carton would be a great display case. I vetoed that idea since I don’t consider styrofoam to be aesthetically pleasing. I knew my mom had an old printing tray in her basement that she wasn’t using, so we leaned it up on his bookshelf and each slot got a rock.

 printers tray

We put the most special rocks – some geodes, crystals, a gigantic fake diamond and fool’s gold – front and center and added shells from our trips to the beach as a final touch.


RedDog loves his rock collection. I love that it is on display. I don’t love helping him dust it, but that’s okay because I want him to know that his collection is important to me. I want him to feel that I love what he loves.

map wall

Except for the twenty-nine silly band bracelets I threw away last week. Seriously. J-U-N-K.


Apis Melliflora said...

Oooo. Aaaaah. Beautifully displayed, especially in front of that specular map of the U.S. Collections are so pleasing to look at. Nice job Red Dog and Dragonfly!

The Queen Vee said...

I love his collections, can totally relate to all the hoarding. Apis is right, the rocks, shells, printer's tray and map make a beautiful and complimentary arrangement.

Sue said...

Great display! I remember growing up that my Dad collected little trinkets and displayed them in shadow boxes similar to this printer's tray. There were miniature dishes and animals and other pretties and Becky and I used to get them down and play with them with our Barbies. Good times!

TracyS. said...

Great display! It looks so nice and I am sure you both get pleasure from the arrangement.

Apis Melliflora said...

Miss your writing. Just wanted you to know.