January 28, 2015



My daughter is baking things like this pretty cupcake. My mind is going crazy and while my stomach is grateful, my jeans and thighs are waging a battle with each other every time I get dressed.

It has been six weeks since my kids have had a full week of school. The Christmas break was lovely, but once it ended we had snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures that have cancelled or delayed school multiple days each week.

My daughter stays home and bakes. And I eat her results. Dangit.

These cupcakes were actually a bit funny. It was a simple box mix that my mom gave us because she is trying to eat through (or give away) her food storage before moving to Utah. The mix was a little bit on the old side.  Hannah followed the directions perfectly, but the cupcakes came out extremely dense and totally burnt on top.

She was frustrated. I, on the other hand, just laughed and got out a knife to cut all the burnt tops off. Chris and RedDog promptly ate the burnt trimmings and declared them delicious. Boys are weird.

Hannah has been perusing Pinterest quite a bit lately and found this cream cheese/ whipped cream combo frosting. We used 1/3 less fat cream cheese and once we’d folded in the whipped cream, it was light, fluffy and perfect for piping onto the tops of the now flat cupcakes. A little strawberry garnish and we called it done.

These cupcakes were tasty! They were also pretty to photograph! I love baking with my daughter. She’s a keeper.



The Queen Vee said...

Cream cheese and whipped cream frosting...OH my heart....and waist, and thighs and tummy.

She is a keeper and a talented one for sure.

Love me some Hannie B.

Janie said...

A picture that makes your mouth water. . . Hannah is not only beautiful but has her Mother's and Grandmother's talents. What a joy to see your daughter create such lovely and yummy looking deserts - A+ for sure!!

Janie said...

I think it's great that you have 2 friends named Janie! I sometimes use Janie and I sometimes use Bells to comment, whichever one I'm signed into at the time. Baking with your daughter is fun! I like to be in there with them, when I'm not, I am usually somewhere hyperventilating over the mess they are making in my kitchen!

Darci said...

Sad your mom is moving away too. I love following your daughter on Instagram and my pre-teens follow her too. She is such an inspiration.

Ronalin said...

Hannah is BEAUTIFUL!!!

TracyS. said...

I love how she is developing her talents. She is beautiful inside and out.