January 30, 2015

Our Family Motto …


For the past five years we have presented a family theme to our children at the beginning of the new year. It usually comes from scripture and is a way The Hubby and I can share our desires for our family in a capsulated way and help us all concentrate our focus for the year.

Recently I read an article about Stephen Covey that suggested every family should have a Family Mission Statement (or motto) that they’ve created together.  This is the line in the article that spoke to me: “"Good families—even great families—are off track 90 percent of the time," he wrote. “What makes them good is they have a clear destination in mind, and they have a flight plan to get there. As a result, when they face the inevitable turbulence and human error, they keep coming back to their plan.”

How can we ask our children to uphold our family’s values and plan if we never articulate what that is?

The Hubby and I agreed that it was (past) time for our family to write a mission statement together. This would be different than our yearly theme. This would be a motto that we will always strive to live by from year to year – an overall statement to unify us and declare our purpose as a family.

As a family we came up with this:

“We will seek for each other’s happiness, spiritual growth and safety as we try to be more like Christ: helpful, kind, obedient, selfless and willing to forgive.”

I printed this and put it in a frame in each of the kid’s bedrooms. I still need to frame it for our room. We are having family home evenings that support this motto and our yearly theme. So far, it’s going well. Do you have a family motto or mission statement? I’d love to hear about it!


The Queen Vee said...

No, do you think it's too late to come up with one? Maybe we can put one together this summer at the family reunion.

I think you're motto is wonderful, I particularly like the forgiveness part.

Janie said...

Love your motto - love even more that you've framed it and placed it in each of their rooms. Your motto represents the true spirit of striving to live the principles of the gospel and a more Christ like life.

Apis Melliflora said...

Great idea!

Janie said...

I need help writing one! I've thought for years we need one. We've done different things over the years, a family scripture, family goals etc. but a mission statement is necessary too. I tend to look at many that I like and I want everything included in ours. I have a hard time narrowing the focus and I have want to collaborate with the family, but I will probably feel like taking control and writing it myself. I love what you've distilled yours down to, it's beautiful and I want to do this with my own family soon.

TracyS. said...

I really like your family theme.
I tried this once, with input from the kids and they hijacked the process. Our family motto as written by the kids: You better come running when mom blows the pu (conch shell.)
I was hoping for something more inspirational. Maybe I'll have to dig through your archives for some great ideas :)