February 2, 2015

Subtle Changes . . .

bathroom door

In the almost twelve years we’ve lived in this house we have painted, changed or fixed just about every single surface in this house. We are maybe three projects away from declaring ourselves officially done. Insert big fat sigh of relief.

In the late fall we finally replaced the chipped and worn formica countertops in the kitchen with granite. We figured that while we were at it, we should go ahead and do the bathroom counters too.

We couldn’t justify putting nice countertops on the sad builder grade cabinets that came with the house, so we bit the bullet and upgraded to counter height cabinets. What a difference those two changes and a new paint of coat have done for our master bath!


It is a neutral palette with pops of green here and there. Every time I soak in the tub I pretend I’m in a spa. It is really is a happy place for me now. I am only sad that we waited so long to make the changes!

When my bestie Ronalin moved, I remember her saying, “Why did we wait until we were trying to sell our house to make all these changes and fixes? We should have done it so we could enjoy it!” I have taken that to heart.

That green dish that I keep my jewelry in (a gift from my sister) and this thrift store artwork (from my mom) are two of my favorite things about this space. I also love having a little spot to display my pitiful vintage alarm clock collection.

Who says a bathroom can’t be a place to display pretty things?


Paint Color: Benjamin Moore’s Healing Aloe


Apis Melliflora said...

Your bathroom looks and feels peaceful, spa-like, lovely. I love all the details you have chosen to include!

AllisonK said...

You make me want to remodel my bathroom.
So lovely!

The Queen Vee said...

Great photos, you've turned that house into an amazing GEM. Time to stop redoing and just enjoy it.

Janie said...

I love your house and your style, it's so peaceful and beautiful. Nice choices on the granite, cabinets and paint. I love the artwork, reminds me of your husband a little bit.

We put granite into our bathrooms when we redid our kitchen too, I wish we'd changed out our bathroom cabinets. They are good quality, but I don't like the color or height

Ronalin said...

So wish I could see all the changes in your home. Glad you can enjoy them NOW! The bathroom looks absolutely lovely.