January 21, 2015

Thoughts On Forgiveness . . .


Today our town was blanketed with a beautiful snow that cancelled school. The little boys played out in the back yard and I walked around catching the quiet loveliness of snow resting on branches with my camera.

This particular shot made me think of the scripture in the first chapter of Isaiah (1:18) that says “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

The contrast of the red berries covered by the white snow had me lost in thought as forgiveness has been on my mind quite a lot lately. I am a completely imperfect person. I have done so many things wrong in my lifetime. I will continue to make mistakes for the rest of my life. It is just fact.

Others have wronged me. I have wronged others. No matter which side of that equation I am on, it never feels good. But I can tell you what does feel good – forgiveness and forgiving.

The beauty of the scripture, the beauty of our reality, is that the Lord has promised us that he will forgive us. He will give us a clean slate. He is willing to take the redness of the berries and blanket them with the most beautifully white snow. He will take our sins and make us clean. Because He loves us that much.

Likewise, we can do the same for ourselves and everyone else. We can let go of anger, disappointment, sadness and pain by forgiving others. We can see them as we are, imperfect human beings who need a clean slate. We can forgive and NEVER LOOK BACK.

I don’t want to hold on to negative feelings. I don’t want to hold grudges. I don’t want to be a harsh judge of others. I want to love. I want to feel full of joy and goodness and goodwill towards those around me.

Please forgive me. If I have ever done anything to hurt or offend you, I am sorry.

Please forgive others if they have ever done anything to hurt or offend you - even if they aren’t sorry.

Please forgive yourself. Most of all, forgive yourself and move forward.

This life is too short to be unforgiving.

A clean slate is waiting . . .


Apis Melliflora said...

Some of the thoughts on the topic swirling through my brain and heart today:

The first and only person to be healed by forgiveness is the person who does the forgiving.

Forgiveness is the first step in rebuilding trust.

Trust is not the same as forgiveness.

I really appreciate your post because as Martin Luther King reminds us : "Forgiveness is not an occasional act. It is a constant attitude."

brendag said...

Beautiful post. Thank you.

Janie said...

Samantha why you don't print and sell your photo's is a mystery. You are so talented and capture the beauty of life and the world itself. I would love, love to have this picture framed and hung in my home. Your blog today was so inspirational - being able to write and express yourself in the manner you do helps so many. You are one in a trillion! A daughter that any parent would be extremely proud of. I know yours are.

AllisonK said...

Beautifully written and captured!!

Susan Barbini said...

I love this post. I am grateful that you shared your feelings. You expressed in words what I have been feeling this past year. My Mom's passing really brought to the forefront thoughts about forgiveness. I have realized this last year that some of the negative feelings I had towards my Mom were ones that I should have let go and forgiven her long ago. Although it is too late to show more love and understanding to my Mom I have learned a great lesson and am so grateful for the atonement to help me in my quest to be a better more loving person.

The Queen Vee said...

Sometimes the first person we need to forgive is ourselves because many of us are our harshest critics.

Then we have to believe Christ, sometimes our faith is weak and our mistakes so great we don't believe.

I'm grateful and I believe, it's what keeps me going.

Janie said...

Wow! Your post and the Queen's comments are really beautiful and made me think. Thank you!

Ronalin said...

Forgiveness is the hope the atonement gives us in this life. Thanks for your testimony my friend, it strengthens me. Love you!

TracyS. said...

Beautiful sentiments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Life is too shirt not to forgive!