November 19, 2014

When His Light Shines …


Christopher was inducted into the National Honor Society last night in a candle lighting ceremony. He participated in a rigorous application process that gave us an eerie feeling college applications are right around the corner. Two thirds of the kids who applied did not get accepted. But he did and it is because he does amazing things in his life like serve and lead.

The NHS is different at his school than it was at my school. The kids are expected to do thirty-six hours of service throughout the school year. I’m excited for the opportunities it will afford my boy. It is another chance to keep the bar raised to a high standard.

He is turning into a really wonderful young man. Don’t get me wrong. He annoys his siblings, on purpose, on a daily basis. He talks back to his Dad and to me. He misses curfew, rolls his eyes at us and basically thinks we are lame parents. He is a total slob when it comes to keeping up his bedroom. And his feet smell.  But in the essentials, he is stellar!

A few weeks ago we went to the Cross Country end of season banquet where they handed out letters and awards to the runners. Chris had a so-so season. He ran with the Varsity and lettered, but he never came away from a race feeling like he’d really killed it. To him that was disappointing. As different awards were given, we sat, listening happily to the accomplishments of others. Then towards the end the coach gave what he calls the “Right Arm Award”. He said this award was for the athlete who was always offering to help others. He carried the team tent. He carried water coolers. He would stand at the finish line of every race and cheer on his teammates whether they were the fastest kid on the team or the very slowest. In essence, this award was for the athlete who would give his right arm for anyone of his teammates. And the award was for my son, Christopher.

I was so happy! I turned to my Hubby and whispered, “I would so much rather he get that award than an award for being fast. This award is about his character.”

Daily I am reminded that time is rushing by me and this boy of mine whom I’ve loved fiercely for almost seventeen years will not be mine much longer. Of course he will always be mine, but he will leave us sooner than we’d like and go out into the world to teach and learn and live by the principles we’ve engrained in him his whole life.

It is a beautiful, painful realization. His light is so bright. He makes me a proud momma. I love him very much and am grateful God gave him to me to raise. Plus, he ties his own bowties.


Chris with one of his best friends, Catherine.


Janie said...

Congrats to Chris and to you, his parents. Job of raising a young man with high standards, compassion, work ethic, motivation and willingness to serve isn't easy by any means. Chris is a special young man with such potential. I know you as well as his grandparents are so, so proud and you all deserve to be. Thanks for sharing this special time.

The Queen Vee said...

Okay, that just made me cry. Savor the moments is all I can say. I love the boy man to death.

Kernal Ken said...

I was delighted to also watch this ceremony last evening. Chris is a great young American and a role model for many of his siblings and cousins, even if they would never admit it...
He's also a fun golf partner and a great grass cutter, for which we give him enough to keep his borrowed car in gas.

The Queen Vee said...

PS I'm so impressed that he can tie a bow tie.

Sue said...

He reminds me so much of your Dad. I wish we lived close enough that our kids could know each other. You are my Mommy Idol.

Apis Melliflora said...

Chris is a great role model! I'm so glad he has these opportunities to let his light shine. Well done on NHS. Especially well done on the Right Arm award.

Who is the greatest?
He who serves others!

Hmmm. Wonder who he learned that from? Wink, wink.

TracyS. said...

What a wonderful young man he is!