November 10, 2014

What Family Pictures Are Like …


This weekend I dragged my people to a local historic site to get a picture for our Christmas card. As usual, it was a complete circus.

Before hand I spent too much time ironing other people’s clothes and doing other people’s hair, so I was behind on my own clothes and hair. Cue me running out to the car with half my make up on and a navy blue coat covered in white fuzz. Nothing like reality in a picture.

For the second year in a row we have planned our family picture on a day when it was just too cold. Below fifty-five degrees is too cold. On this day it was about forty-two. Every body was happy for approximately 2.3 minutes and then the complaining started. You can see in the photo above that being cold makes Chris tired. He’s weird like that.

I do not suggest ever setting your camera on a tripod and then walking away while the self timer goes off. If you do, you will get a picture of your bum and then you will be depressed and recommitted to exercising like a fanatic . . . after you go home and eat handfuls of Halloween candy because your bum is not cute. Here I am fixing hair and collars and attitudes with my bum. Sigh. At least the back of my hair does look cute.


Here’s another suggestion for family photos. Hire a professional. Because if you do it yourself and forget your camera remote like I did, you will spend an hour running back and forth from the tripod to your family. And you will look tired and your cute hair will be messed up and your left eye will water incessantly.

Last suggestion. Don’t let your teenaged boy be in the pictures. Because he will ruin them. On purpose. If I was a really mean mom (and I am) I would just go ahead and use this picture for the Christmas card. But I won’t because Owlie looks like it is torturous to be a part of our family and I did get one other shot where he is smiling like a happy fool.

Pictures. Done. And overrated.


PS. Hubby, Hannah and RedDog, thank you for being perfect in every single photo. You are super models!


Apis Melliflora said...

You make it look so easy. So, it actually helps to know that it's not as easy as all that. A family photo is a dream of mine. I had a dream… (cue the music.)

Sue said...

I've had many a bum shot to the camera myself. Your posing looks great!

Ronalin said...

You look gorgeous Samantha! Chris made me laugh out loud. Man, why do only the mommas care about family pictures? Love your family!!!!!

Melissa said...

Oh man. We are doing this tomorrow. And we are doing it tripod/timer style because that is where we are at this year. And I am currently trying to find clothes for 8 people and annoyed that I am obsessed because it is such a first world problem.... but then I still dont' know what that one kid can wear that will coordinate without being too matchy... and to top it off I never lost those 10 lbs I wanted to so I am goign to have chubby cheeks. again. JOY. ;) Love how yours turned out though, it gives me hope. (and, we are trying for a snowy picture, high of 25* here tomorrow. Hello red runny noses in pictures...) Oh well.

TracyS. said...

I am sure it is well worth the end result. Documenting your family as it grows and changes is so important. Even if it's maddening at times.