November 25, 2014

Randomness for the End of November …

Feeling a little random today. Maybe it’s because I have my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving this year?


This is how Hannah dressed up for her birthday. What, your kids don’t do this kind of thing on their birthdays? Hmmm…

It was our church Halloween party on November 1st (scheduling mishap) which is also my deer daughter’s birthday (did you see what I did there?). She really wanted to recreate this costume she’d seen on Pinterest, so she got all the materials and spent two hours doing her makeup.

She looked, in a word, otherworldly. She was like a deer for real. Nimble, lithe, quiet, cute, attentive, listening, graceful. So many people loved the costume and told her so, which made her feel great! I am really loving her personality and penchant for creativity!


This boy. Oh man. He’s my baby. He’s a baby, right? I mean, he still snuggles me every day and wants me more than anyone else. And he still loves the tub and a blankie and special stuffed animals. So he’s a baby, right? And then I looked at this and panic set in.


Same tub, same time of year, just four years ago. I need to have a little talk with Father Time. Because this my kids growing older thing has got to stop. My heart cannot handle it.


It’s now officially not cool Fall temperatures anymore. It is cold. Although yesterday it was 72 degrees on NOVEMBER 24th, so whatever. But this time of year means I am perpetually cold. It also means we are raking giant truck sized piles of leaves out to the curb every single week and our back yard is littered with sticks and twigs from our trees. This in turn means we have to have a firepit and make S’mores. Have I mentioned that I will trade being cold for S’mores any day? True story.


Last random thing. Owlie is obsessed with puppies. He has about twenty stuffed puppies in his room that he mugs all over and sleeps with every night. When people are out walking their pets and they pass in front of our house, he’ll yell out, “I like your dog!” A few weeks ago I took him to my friend’s house where he loved all over Coco the wonder dog. On the way home he told me he has the best dog friends ever. Sure wish I was not allergic to dogs and didn’t love my sleep so much. One day, I guarantee it, this kid is going to have a dog.

Dogs, deer and tubs. Yep, pretty random.


The Queen Vee said...
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The Queen Vee said...

I love your randomness. Love your dear deer and the baby, he'll always be the baby.

It's rain snowing at my house and not even officially winter...seems random to me.

Apis Melliflora said...

Random posts bring me great joy!

That deer make-up just stops me in my tracks. It's so beautiful and life-like.

That dog-loving Ollie is as adorable as his puppy dog friends. He may no longer be a baby, but he's still so darling.

Stay warm, enjoy your fuzzy socks (or as T says your "Samantha socks"), smores and Christmas tree.

TracyS. said...

Stay warm! Enjoy your puppy loving boy. I am glad he has good dog friends.
Hannah's costume is so fun. What a creative girl!