February 28, 2014

What A Day Of Positivity Looks Like …


My day started out with a perfect snuggle from one Owlie. He let me rub his warm little belly while he put his hand on my face. Perfection in a snuggle.

Next RedDog came down for school with his hair combed all by himself. He looked exactly like Alphalpha from Our Gang. Parted down the middle, slicked down, and the freckles on his face just made the smile spread huge across my face.

After the oldest three were off to school I was leaning over loading the dishwasher loading the breakfast dishes when I was surprised by a full on tush squeeze. The Hubby had come back from his morning commute because he’d forgotten his laptop. Made me laugh, that man did.

I sat down to a breakfast myself that consisted of hot oatmeal with cranberries, pecans and apples with a side of a homemade roll topped with butter and strawberry banana jam made by a friend. It was exactly as delicious as it sounds. I’ve decided that if Winter is going to keep kicking us in the rear, I’m going to celebrate with good breakfasts.

Once I was done eating, I cleaned up my mess and did a little happy dance because I had a completely clean kitchen by 8:00 AM! That, people, is what we call a minor miracle. It’s the smallest things that make me happy.

Ollie was happily watching an Imagination Movers (love that show) so I ran a hot bath for myself while I made the bed. A hot bath is the number one Dragonfly relaxation tool. Did you know that? Works every single time. This bath was only ten minutes long, but is was so, so worth it.

I spent the better part of my morning working on the funeral program for a dear friend whose mother just passed away. It was the very best type of work because I love my friend Susan and feel joy when I can do things to help her. She has done so much to help me in the ten years I’ve known her. If you haven’t learned yet that serving others makes you happy, give it a try – it is one of God’s greatest blessings.

Sorry to skip from spiritual to vanity, but I’ve needed my bangs trimmed for a good four weeks now. My hair girl Deniz called with a ten minute window and I snuck over with my boy for a chance to finally be able to see again! While I was getting my trim, one of the sweet stylists tidied up Owlie’s sideburns and neckline for free. Sweet!

We made our way to Costco where I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Good stuff – friendship and free samples! While I was there I treated myself to a bouquet of yellow tulips. It was my crazy attempt at forcing blooms and Spring and sunshine into my life. Guess what? Totally worked. Happy me. Happy flowers!

Our last errand for the afternoon was to Staples to have the programs printed. While I was there I started chatting with a fascinating woman who was having some of her artwork made into cards. She’d drawn this beautiful eagle’s wing out of a tiny pattern of intricately drawn feathers. She told me the name of the technique is called zentangle. Have you ever heard of it? Go to Pinterest or Google and check it out. It is beautiful and creative and amazing. The talents of other people are such a gift!

Owlie and I drove home with the sun shining through the car windows singing the new song “Happy” by Pharrel Williams. Have you heard it? It’s AWESOMESAUCE. Every time I hear it I crank it loud and sing at the top of my lungs. Hannah tells me it sounds like dying cats and I don’t care at all.

I spent the afternoon making dinner for the sister missionaries. Owlie did puzzles and drew pictures. He also made delightful little messes everywhere and got out his game of Go Fish so we could have our daily game when RedDog got home.

The missionaries came and ate dinner with us. The left us with a beautiful message about Jesus Christ. Feeding the missionaries is a selfish pursuit. Yeah, they get food, but we get to feel the Spirit they bring every single time they come to see us.

I ended my night with eight thirteen year old girls playing all sorts of get to know you games. I love my job at church working with youth. It is rewarding in so many ways. Telling them my most embarrassing moment just happened to be their highlight of the night.

When I got home from church my sweet Dad who’d volunteered for Owlie duty had made a video of the awesome battle formations that he and my boy had made playing army men. It was so cute! That Papa may not know it, but my little boy is wrapped around his big Army finger.

The best part of every day came last of all. I finally got to spend some time with my sweetie chatting in bed and ended my night by reading the Book of Mormon and snuggling in to him because he is all sorts of warm wonderfulness.

Can I just say that my merciful and gracious Father in Heaven gave me one amazing day full of so many blessings. I have just not even scratched the surface in this writing. Every day is chock full of blessings. We are the oblivious recipients. I am so glad I took one whole day to soak it all in. He is so, so good to me.

(and so are you if you read this blasted novel!)


AllisonK said...

What a beautifully, lovely, perfect day!

The Queen Vee said...

Looking for the good and happy will always reward you with a wonderful day.

Thanks for sharing your happy day with us thereby making our day a happy one too.

Apis Melliflora said...

That sounds like one great day.

TracyS. said...

Amen to what the Queen said! Thanks for sharing.