February 27, 2014

Let’s Try This Today…


This little fella was chirping on our pergola yesterday during a break in the snow when blue skies decided to make an appearance. He made me feel so hopeful and happy that maybe Spring will be coming to put an end to this mad, mad Winter.

I was thinking about that bird again this morning as I decided to change my outlook. The past three days of illness have made me into a negative Nelly (understandable when I’ve been consigned to the couch, head and eye sockets throbbing, ears clogged, chaos ensuing around me, no?), aided by the cycle of hormones in my female body that tend to swell to an apex once a month anyway.

So for today I am trying this: I’ve put a piece of paper on the kitchen counter. Every time I walk by it I am going to take note of the positive, happy things happening in my life. In other words, today I’m looking for the silver lining and I am determined to find it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the troubles of our trials, we can’t see that God is still blessing us through them. I know I am guilty of letting the negative completely overwhelm me until I can’t find the positive any more. That’s not who I want to be – the person who lets the trial define her. I want to define the trial by how I choose to face it. Today I choose a happy facing of this trial.

The little bird reminded me that even in the snowy, gray cold of winter, blue skies will come and I can sing a little song to help myself and others stay cheery until they do.

Won’t you join me today in finding the good in your life? Make a little list. Actually, I think you’ll find you end up making a big list.

I’ll be reporting back here tomorrow.


TracyS. said...

I love your plan. I'll bet your list will be so long by the end of today.
I hope you start feeling better soon.

Apis Melliflora said...

The birdies have started chirping here again and it's not pitch black when we wake up anymore. *insert hopeful sigh here*

I am grateful for so many people and for a bunch of stuff that makes my life so easy and comfortable (hello automatic washing devices!) and for the beauty that surrounds when I have eyes to see.

I read a book once on the nature of pain and sickness and there was a big section on how those things completely overwhelm the brain. So, neurologically, you are just being human.

Tracie Carter said...

I thought of you today when I listened to a fascinating podcast about navigating our own and our daughters' transitions through womanhood. Your thoughtful approaches to this topic and the way you surround yourself with supportive circles of friends, family and mentors have inspired me for years. When Ryan told me I should find and listen to podcasts about navigating a midlife crisis (he turns 40 this year), I told him this was it! The year to celebrate his powerful place in the prime of life! I think you'd enjoy this :) http://www.mormonmentalhealth.org/027-powerful-puberty-part1/

The Queen Vee said...

Excellent idea.