February 9, 2014

Then A Catalan Woman Made Me A Sandwich …


Every once in a while I think to myself, “This never could have happened if it weren’t for my blog.”

This weekend was just such a moment.

I sat in my mom’s kitchen and had a delicious lunch made for me by a woman who had travelled across the sea from Spain to spend my birthday with me – a woman I never would have met if it weren’t for this blog.

What a delight it is for me to introduce you to “Aiketa”, my friend from Girona, Spain who has been a faithful reader and commenter on this blog for almost five years. She is in America for forty days to celebrate the finishing of her big exam after medical school to determine where she will do her residency as a doctor.

I am here to tell you that it is possible to meet amazing people through the internet. Ten years ago, I would have said that is just creepy. Today, I am showing one of them around my town and enjoying her genuine kindness and bubbly personality.

We are laughing our heads off and comparing instagram photos. I am learning so much about her culture and planning for a day when I can go visit her beautiful home country!

This blog has blessed me in ways I cannot count and given me friends I couldn’t imagine life without.

Life is good!


Apis Melliflora said...

Everything about this post is so cool! Aiketa is like a big warm ray of sunshine in the middle of a blustery gray winter!

Your blog is amazing, just like you and I'm sure Aiketa feels that she is equally blessed to be your real life friend now too.

squeezeme said...

This is just beautiful! What a blessing that true friendships can come to us in many unique ways. Enjoy every moment of your visit together!

Aiketa said...

So, after many year reading your blog, yesterday I was seating next to you while you wrote your blog post and now I'm seating in front of you while I'm writing this comment... I love it!

You are right, this would probably have never happened if it wasn't for your blog... What are the chances that we would have met in real life living so far away from each other?

I sure feel so blessed that we finally got to meet in real life and you, the Queen and the rest of the family are just so wonderful to me, actually too much!!! I also loved getting to talk with Apis.

Sure this is the best reward I could get after my exam. Thank you so so very much!

I think I shouldn't leave Virginia without knowing when are you coming to visit me! You know you have to come!

P.S: I am so glad you liked my very elaborated and hard to prepare sandwich. ;)

The Queen Vee said...

The sandwich was very, very yummy. Something that could literally be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. it seems like a miracle that Nona showed up in my kitchen to share this with us. She is amazing.

TracyS. said...

What an amazing way to come together! So glad could happen for both of you. To Aiketa- Congratulations on finishing the medical school exams and best wishes for your residency.