February 4, 2014

The Week The Science Fair Took Over My Life …


Blogging will be sparse this week because my son is a procrastinator and I am a mom who cares.

The disgusting human teeth experiment is over, the data is being compiled, the tri-fold board being decorated, and basically the parents are going out of their minds.

Oh wait, one parent got smart and left on a business trip. Sadly, my business is here and it involves gum tissue, pitting, staining, etc.

Here’s some advice: don’t have your child(ren) take Honors Biology. If the word Science Fair comes up, run away as fast as you can. Trust me on this, you will thank me later.

Over and out.


The Queen Vee said...

Ugh…Science Fair projects make for truly creepy scary nightmares. Hoping you both, Mom and Big C, survive this week. Lucky T getting to escape THE TEETH. Hopefully C will use the extra time tomorrow morning to work on his project.

Elise said...

You are a mom who has her priorities in order, and you are awesome!
I know just how you feel. Just before my hubby started dental school he had to collect a BUNCH of extracted teeth to practice working on. We had jars of them at the house. YUCKY!! NOT cool!
Who knows, maybe he'll be a dentist one day! :)
good luck this week!!

Sue said...

We have that same microscope! I'm gonna have to get some gnarly teeth to look at. Good luck this week!

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm sure he didn't bite off more than he could chew.
Make sure that poster has some teeth in it/on it!

Did I mention that I really appreciate the grossness factor of his science project.