February 10, 2014

Beautiful And Useful …


I’m just going to say it – I got balls for my birthday.

When I first opened this gift, I immediately had to grab my camera because it was begging to have its picture taken. I started scheming about where I would display it before I even read the tag to see what it was.

They are dryer balls.  Have you heard of them? My friend Jennie made them for me of felted wool yarn. You place them in your dryer with a load of wet clothes instead of a dryer sheet. They are better for your clothes, your dryer and the environment.

Lately our dryer has been having difficulty drying the entire load in one timed cycle. I find that I have to add some extra time after every load should be done, so I was excited to try Jennie’s gift out.

Guess what? Problem solved! I have used them three times since Friday and they are helping my clothes to come out dry every time. So even though they aren’t really for setting out as a display, I am enjoying them in their basket on top of my dryer when they’re not being put to work!

Can you blame me for wanting to take their picture? So beautiful. So useful. Like I want to be, really.

Best kind of gift! Thanks Jennie.


Apis Melliflora said...

That Jennie, she always has her finger on the pulse of the best gifts! I'd never heard of those. And anything that makes laundering go faster is brilliant!

The Queen Vee said...

Yeah, that Jennie is the Queen of gift giving. Very hard to top her in that department.

TracyS. said...

I love it when things are beautiful and useful! What a great gift.

Janie said...


Sylvia Bunker said...

I got some wool balls off amazon a while back. I love them dearly. These are much more beautiful. Mine are plain off white. :) You are amazing.