February 11, 2014

I Love The Library …


This library, that is.

For the grand finale of our visit with Aiketa, we journeyed into Washington D.C. for a tour of the Library of Congress. The tour was given by none other than my Photobro, who has worked there for the past eight years.

The Library of Congress is THE. MOST. BEAUTIFUL. BUILDING. in our nation’s capital. If you haven’t seen it, come for a visit and I will take you! It is our National Library and it is so breathtaking.

light loc

I want just about every single light fixture in the library. It’s all gold and intricate and lovely.

The Library is filled with the best natural light bouncing off the marble and moldings, beautiful hand painted details everywhere, stunning mosaics – it is so European in its detail, so unlike anything we have here in America. It just takes my breath away.


Here is Minerva, Godess of Wisdom, looking over one of the great halls of knowledge and intellect in our country.  Look at all that delicious architectural goodness in the background. My mind explodes when I’m in this building!

The entire time there was so wonderful and made even more special because I had my friend Aiketa there and because it was the last time my brother will give a tour at the Library. He leaves on Tuesday for his new job in Utah.

I love this picture I caught of him explaining minute detail about the reading room to Aiketa. He is in his element and it makes me so happy!


Thanks Chris for taking the time to share your gifts with me and my friend! I love you so much. Sorry I cried when we were together. It’s just that I’m really going to miss you and your crazy hair.



Apis Melliflora said...

I'm glad you were the last to get a tour too.

In that last picture, Photobro looks pretty dapper.

Off to Utah you go!

I also like that Aiketa is wearing rose-colored sun glasses. An appropriate euphemism for how she sees the world!

The Queen Vee said...

Great fabulous library, great and beautiful photos, great day with a darling friend and daughter, not so great that it was the last Chris tour but really super GREAT that he is starting a new job that he is excited about and in UT of all places.

Janie said...

I would love to see the National Library. I can't believe your beloved bro is moving, I'm sure that's going to be tough. Won't you have 2 brothers in UT now? All the more reason to visit often! What will he be doing here in UT?

Janie said...

I don't think I've ever been to the National Library, not that I remember anyway. I've been lots of other places around DC though. It was so long ago though, I think I need a refresher trip to that area!