January 29, 2014

Me Lately …


Here’s a bunch of random junk about me because there have been a couple of times when I think I’m awesome. And then the rest of the time I pretty much wonder if I’m just plain weird.

ME RIGHT THIS MINUTE: Sitting with my back against the burning hot glass of our gas fireplace.

ME IN TWENTY MINUTES: Warming up in a hot bath and then hopping into my fuzzy socks and fleece pajamas while my heater blanket warms up the bed.

JUST FINISHED: Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

JUST STARTED: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

CAN’T STAND: Handling raw meat. Gag reflex in full force.

CAN’T HELP: Singing every song in the radio even though my daughter says I sound like dying cats.

REALLY MISSING: David Tennant as Dr. Who.

REALLY EMBRACING: Amanda Abbington as Mary Watson on Sherlock.

WISH I COULD START: Learning calligraphy.

WISH I COULD QUIT: Cleaning toilets used by boys.

ON MY GOOD LIST: Jimmy Falon making me laugh every time.

ON MY BAD LIST: Justin Bieber living the thug life.

ON MY MIND: An upcoming visit from a far away friend.

IN MY HEART: Jesus, constantly working miracles.

MAKING ME SO HAPPY: A trip back to New York City for Mother’s Day

MAKING ME SO SAD: My brother and his family are moving!

NEW MAN CRUSH: Benedict Cumberbatch

OLD MAN CRUSH: Benedict Cumberbatch

WISH I HAD: Ronalin in Virginia.

WISH I DIDN’T HAVE: Dry, itchy skin issues.

GOOD AT EVERY DAY: Praying with my kids before they go to school.

BAD AT EVERY DAY: Taking off my makeup at night.


WAITING FOR THEM TO INVENT: The stinking cure for cancer. It’s getting old for reals.

LAUGHING BECAUSE: I love finding funny pictures my daughter sneaks onto my phone.

CRYING BECAUSE: People I know and love deal with really hard stuff a lof.

FASHION FOR ME: Mixing patterns.

FASHION FOR NO ONE: Black leggings. I’m over it. It’s like girls wearing nothing but tights.

I THINK I’M AWESOME WHEN: I end a day without yelling at a single kid in my house (believe me, it’s rare.)

I THINK I’M WEIRD WHEN: I look in my closet some days and think, “I would rather go naked than wear a single thing I own.”


The Queen Vee said...

I love your random posts, they are always so clever and insightful. The weird thing is I feel totally in sync with you on most of it except for heating up the bed. At this time in my life the colder the bed the better.

jd said...

I heart you.

Apis Melliflora said...

Every random fact about you makes me nod in agreement or want to know more. I say you are fascinating and funny, not weird.

squeezeme said...

You're just plain awesome.

Michelle Johnson said...

This post is awesome- just like you. I love every bit!

Tracie Carter said...

Love you and your blog!!! It's always a bright and thoughtful spot in my day!

The Queen Vee said...

You have beautiful teeth and a FAB smile.

AllisonK said...

I think we might have been twins separated at birth, although I'm not nearly as cool. Love everything about this.