October 6, 2013

Quick & Easy: Puppy Present

puppy present

On Friday night we got together with friends who have a brand new house and a brand new puppy! I decided to make their house warming gift a puppy warming gift. It was super easy to throw together with a visit to one store.

Did you know Home Goods has THE BEST storage jars?  I’ve used jars from Home Goods for multiple gifts and they’ve always cost less than $5, which means I can spend more on what I’m going to stuff inside the jar! {There are two previous gifts in a jar here and here.)

For the puppy gift, I found a jar with a sweet design of chalkboard paint already on the front. I wrote the dog’s name on it. You could always do this yourself with some chalkboard spray paint, a stencil and chalk.

Home Goods also has an entire section of the store devoted to pets. I found the cutest heart shaped organic doggie treats to put in the jar. I had to buy them because they were so cute.

A little burlap bow and this gift was ready to meet its new owner. You know who else was ready? Oliver Lee. The boy has puppy fever something bad. His life was made complete upon meeting Harley Jack. Can you blame him though? I mean, look at this fella:

harley jack


TracyS. said...

Sweet dog and fun gift! I am all about enjoying OTHER people's pets.

Apis Melliflora said...

Puppies are so adorable. So is your gift idea. I bet that puppy dog tail was wagging all night long!

AllisonK said...

So sweet. That was very kind of you. We love our puppy.

The Queen Vee said...

That's one good looking pup! is he a Golden Retriever, if so then he's a celestial dog? I think you secretly heart him.

Aiketa said...

I would be right there with Ollie playing this cute puppy!!! And your gift is so beautiful, as always!