October 7, 2013

Gone Fishing …


My teenager is weird and I love it.

He came home with a clever plan he’d hatched for a friend’s birthday.

When he asked her what she wanted for her birthday, her reply was, “Lots of Goldfish.” I’m pretty sure she meant the crackers. They are, after all, completely addictive. I cannot say no to their salty goodness and find myself eating them by the handful if they are in my house.

He decided that he would grant her wish, plus take it to the next level.

Tomorrow she will be getting some Goldfish crackers AND a live goldfish. The little fella was 39 cents. I hope it makes it through the school day without too much trauma. I also hope the friend gets a kick out of Big C’s creativity.

Weird is awesome. Good luck little fish.


jd said...

Not weird. Clever. Clever like his mom :)

Apis Melliflora said...

The Next Level is always the best level.

Aiketa said...

I absolutely agree with jd. He has such a great source of inspiration in you!