October 2, 2013

Apple Of My Eye …


Can we talk about this picture for a minute?

Has any boy ever loved an apple more in the history of the world? I’m gonna go ahead and say no because in this picture right here, my boy is having a spiritual experience eating an apple.

When we went to the farm last week, each child was given an apple to eat on the tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch. These were apples right off the trees at the farm. In other words, they were delicious!

My Owlie has been known to sneak apples from the fridge when I am not looking and eat them down to the seeds.  He then snaps the core in half and nibbles right up to the seed pods. Only when he has eaten as much as possible will he declare, “All done, Mama!”

He has been learning about apples in school. He knows all the parts of the apple – stem, skin, flesh, core and seeds. He talks about apples a lot. I find it very charming.

Speaking of apples, I am staring down a giant box (a whole bushel, to be exact) of apples that I will be turning into homemade applesauce this weekend. It’s my first time. I hope it turns out. Maybe I’ll save a few out for an apple crisp.  Maybe Ollie get’s his love of apples from me.

I feel the need for a Honeycrisp after writing this. Who’s with me?



The Queen Vee said...

Well good for Owlet and all apple eaters because there is a whole lot of truth that if you eat an apple a day it keeps the doctor away. And, the best apples of the year are fall apples!

Good luck with the sauce making.



TracyS. said...

Seeing him eat that apple makes me happy. Apples are one of my favorites and I am glad he can get so much enjoyment out of one!

Apis Melliflora said...

I need a Honey Crisp scholarship! Wish those delicious apples were more affordable.

Ollie the Apple Lover. I think that is a wonderful title for a children's picture book.

Aiketa said...

Oh, that first photo of him enjoying a delicious apple!!! I think I've never seen anyone eat one apple with such delight.