October 17, 2013

From Calm To Chaos …


I spent four and a half great days in Houston with this gal above. Don’t I look relaxed? I think my skin cleared up a bit. And the wrinkles around my eyes seem smaller. That is ironic, considering how much and how hard I laughed. I had four great hair days in a row – thank you very much soft water – and I slept in every single day. I got to talk and listen without interruption and share heartfelt feelings with my girlfriend whom I’ve missed terribly.

Big FAT sigh of happiness.

The Hubby did a great job corralling the crew while I was gone. It’s a four monkey circus around here and everyone had things to do and places to be over the weekend. I give my man major props for being the single parent and for supporting a weekend away for this momma with her best friend. I needed it. BADLY.

Sadly, the reality of a little weekend away for me is almost always a swift slap in the face upon returning. It just happens to be Homecoming week in our house, so we are surrounded by costumes and spirit and craziness. And that’s just for one kid.

The biggest surprise for me was a mention by Big C Tuesday morning after my late Monday night return, that I might need to do some sewing for him this week.

Three days and no blog posts later, I am still working on a Beauty and the Beast costume for him to wear tomorrow in the Sophomore hall tomorrow during the class decorating contest. He does, after all, have to waltz with Belle in the ballroom.

So I’m in one graduation gown turned tailcoat with gold ribbon trim and buttons, one newly made ruffled dickey and one gold cummerbund. A day of searching for materials, two days of sewing and I pretty much feel like the rejuvenating effects of my trip have been washed away.

Big FAT sigh of exhaustion.


Tracie Carter said...

I'm so happy you were able to get away! Isn't it interesting what that can do for us?! I had wholly underestimated it until earlier this year when I got to do the same thing. Re-entry is always harsh - usually as harsh as getting out the door. Sorry! But once again, you created something magnificent with your mad skills! Love you! And that BFF of yours ;)

The Queen Vee said...

Pay backs a witch isn't!

Why is it, that after a vacay, real life just smacks you in the face?

You're so talented, creative and a great mom, the costume looks amazing and Chris looks very handsome. I hope you went over to the school to watch him dance down the hallway for all the time you spent on it he'd better wear it all day!

Nice pic of you and your best friend!

jd said...

What a gorgeous picture of you two! And what a lovely thing to have a cherished best friend :)

Your costume is/was AH- MAZING. (your)Cleverness never faileth.

TracyS. said...

Welcome back. I am glad you got some time off. Great costume!

JulieB said...

Beautiful girls! Glad you could recharge with a bestie for the weekend.

Apis Melliflora said...

Glad you got away and then came home and got to sew a costume for a man-child-beast. Wish the feeling of restfulness could last a bit longer though.

Aiketa said...

You are a really talented supermom!!!
You and Ronalin look amazing!