October 10, 2013

This Never Happens …


The Hubby home in the middle of a work day AND playing Legos. I have captured a rare moment with my camera.

The Hubby doesn’t love Legos. Mostly, he doesn’t love the mess of Legos. But Ollie was so happy to have his Daddy home from a business trip and ready to build ships with him, even if just for a little while.

These two are best buddies.  I’m so glad I have a Hubby who gets down on the ground and plays with the kids. Ollie loves to be wherever his Daddy is – especially if it means working in the yard or fixing something with tools.

These two will get a lot of buddy time in the next five days as I leave today for Houston, Texas. I’m in need of a recharge, so the Hubby is flying me to see my friend Ronalin.

I’ll be trading in my sweater and rain boots for shorts and flip flops. I’m hoping to have some legit Mexican food and enjoy much needed time with my dear friend.

See you back here on Tuesday!


Apis Melliflora said...

Have a great time in Texas!

TracyS. said...


christy said...

Hooray! Every great mom needs a good recharge periodically. Enjoy it!

Sue said...

Have so much fun with your bestie!

Aiketa said...

Is there anything more heartwarming than a father playing with his kids? I don't think so!