September 4, 2013

The Strangest Thing …


Yesterday there was a hubbub in our neighborhood. I walked across the street to see why a gaggle of children had gathered and saw this beautiful peacock strutting by the fence in our neighbor’s yard.

Our neighbors do not, in fact, have a pet peacock – although how cool would that be?! I ran to get my camera while some other parents did their homework.

The responsible, non-photographing parents learned that the peacock had escaped from a local petting zoo. And by local I mean about three miles away. Peacocks don’t fly. They’re more of hoppers, so I’m not quite sure how he traversed a very busy road to end up in our midst, but I’m very glad he did.

Isn’t he spectacular? Peacock blue is such a stunning color. I kept thinking in my mind, “Dangit, if I only knew peacock sounds, I could trick him into thinking I was a female bird and he would open his tail feathers to court me!”

Oh well. It was quite an adventure to have a peacock in our midst. RedDog followed it around for a good half hour. Not me. I got my two good pictures and went inside to eat dinner. We all talked around the table about the strangest, coolest thing – a peacock in the ‘hood. Awesomesauce.



Apis Melliflora said...

Tante Michaela had a peacock. It was eaten by mountain predators. Uh, that was a kill joy.

Your peacock is beautiful and a wonderful surprise visitor.

Pinspot said...

There was a flock (not flock, they are called a muster, or ostentation! I googled.) of peacocks that roamed free in my grandpa's neighborhood. They terrified me. I think that's where my deep mistrust of birds began.

The Queen Vee said...

I'm glad that your preening peacock visitor didn't attack Owlet, I think they can be kind of mean. He's a beaut, no doubt about it. Did the zoo come and pick up the escapee?

AllisonK said...

a beautiful escapee! Glad you got your camera.

miss doezie said...

Oh. I'll tell you how they sound. Like whining, wailing cats. They are in abundance in these parts (wild) and the locals HATE them... eat up gardens, block traffic, attract tourist photographers, can't get rid of them.

But-- they are still beautiful and it's kinda cool when a family is crossing the street, when they're not causing a car accident!

Gorgeous peacock you found! Great shots/colors!!

Melissa said...

I am kind of a random commenter. I love your blog but usually read on my phone with a sleeping baby in my arms so I never comment... Anyway... When we moved into our neighborhood in MD 12 years ago we had a neighborhood Peacock. It was loud (and always at bedtime)! we also had a neighbor that would walk the block playing his bagpipes. I loved the quirkiness of that place! :)

TracyS. said...

Peacocks make an awful sound. Be glad you didn't hear it! They are so pretty though. I am glad you got one in your neighborhood! What a conversation piece that must have been.

Aiketa said...

Oh! What a great way to end the afternoon! :)
I agree with you Samantha, peacocks are so beautiful and I love all their colors! When I went to the zoo last year, there were many peacocks running free... It was so much fun, there were peacocks where the elephants were, or with deers... I was lucky because my friend made one open its tail feather and got a picture of that. One of my fav from the trip to the zoo.