September 3, 2013

Back To School Dinner 2013 …


On Monday night we had our Back To School Dinner. The kids chose the menu – Alfredo pasta, homemade breadsticks, salad and brownies with ice cream for dessert. I’m not going to lie. It was DELICIOUS.

Just like in years past, I made a place card for each child with my hopes and wished for them during this school year. We have the kids read them out loud and then I share my thoughts and feelings with them.

After dinner, The Hubby gives each child a Father’s Blessing. A Father’s blessing is given to provide direction and comfort as guided by the Spirit. It is a wonderful opportunity for our children to feel the love of their earthly father and their Heavenly Father.


I also did something new this year. I decorated the table with various school related items – apples, school supplies, a vintage globe. Then, during dinner, I revealed to the kids that each item on the table had something to do with our desires for them this school year. Everyone got to choose an item and then we talked about its meaning.

Ink Pens: The pens represented the permanence of the impression our children make on others with their behavior. Are they making a positive lasting impression? Do they realize that they can do permanent damage or permanent good by the example they set?

Pencils: The pencils were a reminder that erasers come in handy when we’ve made mistakes. We need to ask forgiveness of those we have offended. We need to make our mistakes right and try not to make them again.. We also need to forgive others in kind.

Apples: The apples stood for THREE different things. We wanted to remind our kids how important it is to nourish their physical bodies with good food and exercise. But we also wanted them to remember that it is equally important to nourish their spirits through prayer, study of the scriptures and church attendance. Lastly, it was a funny way to remind the kids that they are responsible for packing their own lunches each night.

Globe: The globe was on the table to remind the kids to love learning and give their best effort to their school work and education because a large percentage of the world doesn’t get the great opportunity they do.

Glue Sticks: The glue sticks were to remind the kids that if we stick together as a family and stick with Jesus Christ, there is nothing we can’t do or accomplish as a family and as individuals.

The discussion was great and I think our kids understood our hopes and goals for them through the use of analogies. I plan do expand on this idea next year when we have our Back To School Dinner.

How about you? Any back to school traditions you’d love to share?


The Queen Vee said...

Well done. Clever and good use of table decor. Your tradition is a great way to start out the school year by preparing your kiddos in the very best way.

It's always wonderful to see a child doing a better job at parenting than you did.

AllisonK said...

You are an incredible mother! You inspire me to be better and try harder.

Apis Melliflora said...

How thoughtful, deliberate and creative! My favorite backstory: the erasers. Were there 70 X 7 pencils in there? I love your ideas so much that I blantantly steal them whenever possible, as you know.

TracyS. said...

I am always blown away with your thoughtfulness, careful planning and creativity. What a beautiful message to present your children.

Tracie Carter said...

Love Love Love this!!! So if we're having a rough start to this school year, can we claim back to school dinner three weeks late??? Why not, right?! You inspire me daily and I'm proud to call you friend!

Aiketa said...

Love love love everything you wrote in this post! This such a great tradition. Love it so much! l want to do it myself when I have kids one day...