July 6, 2013

Road Trip Insanity Day Four: The Long Haul To Denver…

I am behind on posting pictures because I’m having too much fun! But I want to keep up on it posting so this epic trip is chronicled for our family. Bear with me.

Day Four was our longest day of driving. I was nervous for eleven hours in the car. I shouldn’t have been. Here are the things that got us through the day:

1. Mom’s Made Up Games. This one involved everyone having a tiny container of play doh. I’d pick the category, the Hubby would be the judge, the winner got a gummy bear. Hannie B. won for the category of “mustache”.


2. The Puppy Brigade.  Ollie brought four of his favorite doggies. We used them to play many games and keep our small boy happy.

car puppies

3. Legos. I know, it’s totally crazy to bring tiny Legos in a car, but I had to.  We just spread a blanket out on his lap and let him build.


4. Adult coloring pages. This was more for me and Hannie B. than anyone else. It’s very theraputic and was fun to do during Harry Potter listening sessions. I spy a Dragonfly.


5. Map Reading. This was fun for both Big C and I. We’d see where we were, where we’d come from, and what to look out for next.


6. Windows. If the kids got bored, I made them look out the window and we’d talk about all that we saw. This country is so amazing and so diverse. Most of Nebraska looked like this:


7. Candy Games. Hannie B. and Big C really loved exploding Zotz in their mouths until they looked like rabid animals.


Meanwhile, Ollie and RedDog sucked on Ring Pops until their lips and tongues were blue.


8. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt. RedDog and Hannah did this on two days of our drive. It kept them busy for at least an hour and a half.


9. Train Spotting. One of Ollie’s favorite activities.


10. Did I mention CANDY? My kids will do anything for candy. Including behaving very, very well for hours on end. Yay for candy!


Up next: The final push to Utah!


The Queen Vee said...

You sure know how to make road tripping fun. I'm loving all the photos.

Aiketa said...

I'm impressed!!! You have so many ideas for game to play in the car! I might say that I would probably get car sick if I did some of them (the ones that require more concentration, like coloring).

Oh, and the train isn't electric, is it? Are not common the electric locomotives in the US? It's so strange for me... Here all train are electric.

Looking forward to your next post!

Samantha said...

Road trips are hard and wonderful all at the same time. It looks like you are well prepared. We have some great memories on the road, have a great time.

AllisonK said...

^^^^^ Sorry, I didn't notice my account wasn't opened.

TracyS. said...

Great planning! I am glad you are having a successful trip.

Apis Melliflora said...

Stealing some of your excellent roadtrip pasttime ideas! Of course, I'm wondering how far you got in Harry Potter?