July 8, 2013

Road Trip Insanity Day Five: Utah At Last!

Our last day of serious driving saw the flat plains of Nebraska turn into this:


It wasn’t long before the kids were looking for abandoned mine shafts and the Hubby and I were singing Rocky Mountain High while gazing in amazement at the beauty of Colorado around us.

rockymtnhighWe didn’t need much entertainment during the drive as our surroundings provide enough to look at and talk about for several hours.

Once the rocks turned from grey to red, we knew we’d found Arches National Park. It’s been a dream of the Hubby and me to take our kids to Arches for years. We’ve never been able to swing it on our quick Utah visits. This year, however, the drive from Denver to Utah took us right past it and we were determined to stop despite the 100 degree weather and bad attitude of one teenaged child.


I’m so glad we did! It was unbelievable – the kind of earthly beauty that makes your jaw drop. Behold, the beauty of Arches National Park:

egyptian queen

Little Ollie became Mister Explorer. These next two shots just might be my favorite ever. He ran around exclaiming “Look at those rocks, Momma!” Never mind that his cheek were flushed pink from the heat.


Seeing my little Ollie, you can get a feel for how massive the rock formations are. Simply breathtaking!

RedDog was determined to move a red rock. No matter how hard he pushed though, it wouldn’t budge.


I even managed to get in a picture this time. I had to have proof I’d actually been there!


Hannie B’s one request? That we get a shot of her holding up “Balancing Rock”. I think we did a pretty good job of it!

balancing rock

Our one and only goal during our stop at Arches, aside from taking in the beauty, was to get a family picture at Delicate Arch. This proved to be more difficult than we expected for a few reasons:

First, we had a grumpy teenager. Notice who isn’t in any of the pictures? He was threatened within an inch of his life if he didn’t join us for the picture.

Second, to get to Delicate Arch, we had to hike a half mile uphill in 100 degree weather with no shade.

Third, we had to carry water bottles for six people, the camera, the tripod and one little boy named Ollie on that hike.

By the time we got to the top of the hike, the Hubby and I both felt dizzy, RedDog thought he was going to barf and Ollie was screaming and crying.

In other words, we had the perfect climate for a family photo.


After collapsing in the car, sticking ice packs from the cooler down our pants and up our shirts, guzzling a bottle of water each, and cranking the A/C full blast, we agreed that it was worth it.

After this picture, it was a short two and a half ours to our final destination. The kids laid in their chairs, exhausted from our adventure and watched The Three Amigos.

And the Hubby and I marveled that we had done it! We drove across the country with our four kids and SURVIVED!!!!!

Up next: The Fourth Of July


The Queen Vee said...

Every place gets something, no place gets nothing. UT may not have the trees, humidity and quaint beauty of VA, instead it's geography and scenery are spectacularly awesome and it leaves you wondering and thinking WOW, did I just see that?

Tracie Carter said...

I'm so proud of you and Travis!!! Great pics, fun memories forever!

Apis Melliflora said...

Your epic journey gets better and better with each leg of the trip. The pictures are spectacular. And you are wearing the perfect colors to pop against the red rocks.

TracyS. said...

What fun!! I am glad you survived the hike and got a picture to prove it:) Enjoy the memories.

Aiketa said...

Wow! The photos are so beautiful! And how great that you could finally take your kids to Arches! :) hahaha I can imagine you all with the iced packs trying to cool off...
One of my favorite thing to do when travelling is looking out the window! I love to know where I am and I specially enjoy it when there are mountains around me. They make for the best scenery! And I'm pretty sure Colorado and Utah have plenty of amazing sceneries to enjoy!