July 15, 2013

Roadtrip Insanity: Fourth of July


One of the reasons we drove out to Utah so early was to get there by the 4th of July. The parade and Freedom Festival in Provo (home of our alma mater BYU) is one of the most patriotic in the country and we wanted our kids to experience it. It did not dissapoint.

There were flag bearers in period dress and military vehicles, including a tank (Ollie’s fave).


There were fantastic floats and beauty queens a plenty waving in their formal dresses. There were marching bands (at least 12) and jugglers, horses and motorcycle riders. There were even giant balloons. It was great and we had front row seats.


The most random parade moment? Llamas!


We spent the rest of our afternoon with family. We barbequed, laughed, played games and ended the night with fireworks. It was blissful.


My father-in-law joined the kids in getting his face painted. What a cutie!


Ollie took a few dips in the kiddie pool to cool off.


Best part of the day:  being with my Hubby and his family. God Bless America!



The Queen Vee said...

A great post, which could be made even greater with a picture of the TANK!

Kernal Ken said...

Oooops! Once agan, I was masquerading as the Queen. I am just the Commander of the Royal Tanks.

The Queen Vee said...

Looks just like the FAB 4ths we experienced in Provo several times , always fun when it includes the LEE clan.

Aiketa said...

Sounds like a great Fourth of July! Hahahaha yes, to see llamas at the parade is kind of weird...
Last Summer a friend shared a photo of a Llama he saw on his way to work... in Oslo!!!! I think that was really weird. Someone was taking the llama for a walk... hahaha

TracyS. said...

What a happy day! I hope your family will hold on to the great memories for a long time. The Freedom Parade is so fun. I always loved seeing it when I was at BYU.

Apis Melliflora said...

I hear that's one of the country's best parades! How fun that your kiddos got to experience it! Grandpa Lee is a good sport to have his face painted. Thanks for sharing all these pictures!

craigandlissa said...

So fun to see those Lee kids that I adore! Choked me up! Thanks again, Sam. Have a great time in Utah and give my love to those adorable in-loves.