July 3, 2013

Road Trip Insanity Day Three: Nauvoo


We took a break from driving on our third day and spent the day in Nauvoo, Illinois visiting Historic Nauvoo which holds significant historic importance for our church.

The highlight of the day was seeing the temple. The original temple was built in 1836 but was later destroyed by fire and a tornado. The new temple’s exterior is an exact replica of the original. It is a beautiful building!


This bee made me think of my sister. Love you Apis.


Touring historic sites is not ideal for little ones. This boy was a spazbot the entire day. But he’s cute and I love him.


These guys are troopers, for sure. And Ollie thinks he’s a “SuperStar”.


Loved this statue of Joseph Smith and his brother on their last ride through Nauvoo before leaving for Carthage Jail where they would later be killed.


It’s been so fun to watch a budding photographer capturing our cross country adventures.


At one point, we finally had to tie him up. The rope around his waist was made by Hannie B at one of the stops on our visit. He thought he was a puppy.


I want to frame this picture and put it in his room to remind him that our ancestors crossed this river in the middle of winter with very few of their belongings to protect their religious freedom.


The bonus for the day: RedDog found a pile of geodes! He’s bringing two big ones back with him to Virginia.


RedDog also perfected the art of skipping rocks.


Thank you Nauvoo. A day with you was just what we needed.


Up next: Day Four . . . The LONG Drive to Denver.


The Queen Vee said...

It looks like it was a wonderful day in Nauvoo with the family and two dogs, Red dog and the cute puppy.

I'm still awestruck that they rebuilt that temple, I feel such a strong connection to it.

AllisonK said...

one of my favorite places!!!!
What lovely pictures and I love that rope with that cute little boy attached to it. Loaf thinks she's a puppy most days as well.

TracyS. said...

Thanks for sharing. It looks like you made some great memories.

Aiketa said...

Oh!!! I just realized you've been posting some photos from the road trip!!! Awesome!!!
Your photos are so beautiful! I love your big smile in the first photo. It's like the one a little girl would put when very excited for something. Just love how much happiness you are beaming!
Also, Owlie is totally a SuperStar!!! A SuperStar I can't believe has grown so much, he really look so grown up in these photos.

Apis Melliflora said...

Hello Honey Bee! And an even bigger Hello to all those sweet inspired faces. Glad you're having a most memorable time!

Mila Cutler said...

I wish I had been there to give you a real tour of the temple. One of my favorite places!! Love Nauvoo, lots of memories.