June 10, 2013

Water{melon} Boy …


Ever since he was a baby, Big C has had a thing for watermelon. Now whenever I cut one open, he seems to have an internal radar that alerts him. He rushes into the kitchen hoping for a slice. Many times I’m getting dinner ready and will tell him he has to wait.

The other day, though, he got lucky. I told him I’d cut him a slice after school and then surprised him with a gigantic two inch thick piece and ordered him out to the front steps to eat it.

He armed himself with a smile and a spoon.

And I grabbed my camera.

So glad I did. I can’t resist the melon juice dripping off his chin. It reminds me so much of when he was little.

Look at how much he enjoyed it. He didn’t even care that I was taking his picture. That is rare these days!


I love this kid. He’s not little any more. He makes me laugh. He frustrates me. As you read this he and I will be together down in his room cleaning up the disaster a year worth of school, early morning seminary and three sports creates.

Pray for us.

Maybe we’ll end the torture with another slice.



TracyS. said...

Yum! Good luck with the room. I am sure watermelon will make it all better.

The Queen Vee said...

He finally figured out in pic #3 that he didn't need the spoon. In pic #2, I noticed something, he has an adams apple. I bet he won't snuggle with me anymore.

Enjoy this super young man, your running out of time with him.

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm with Big C, I'm got a thing for a fresh, crisp, cold slice (or two) of watermellon!

Aiketa said...

hahahhaha I was thinking the same as the Queen mentioned about the spoon! I've never eaten watermelon with a spoon...
Nice post! I enjoyed it! And reminded that I have some in y fridge that I will eat now!