June 10, 2013

On A Rainy Day In Summer …


Today I will stare at this picture. A lot.

It is raining for the sixth straight day. Wait, it was sunny on Saturday for a bit.

The kids are stir crazy. The mom is stir crazy. The yard is soggy and muddy. The large tree branch that fell on the back deck last night is, well, large.

In short, we are water logged. But it is supposed to rain until Friday.

The upside is that my grass looks FANTASTIC .

The downside is that my hair looks frizzy.

So, back to the picture. These flowers were the centerpiece at a lovely party I attended last week for a recent high school graduate. As the Hubby and I went to leave, the mother of the graduate asked me to take them home (she had at least six more to take herself).

How could I say no? I could not.

They are divine. They are perfection. They make everything I’ve ever done with flowers look like a joke. And I am totally okay with that.

Because I have eeked out so much joy and satisfaction from this vase of flowers in the past five days, it isn’t even normal or funny. I have carried them around the house with me from room to room. They may or may not have come to my bathroom with me while I dried my hair.

Sad news is they’re on their way out. They can’t live forever. So I need the rain to stop now. I’ve got several hydrangea bushes that are ready to explode and I’m going to keep some in the house all summer long to make me HAPPY.

Hope your day’s not rainy. If it is, come back here and just STARE.

PS. Want to see some unbelievable work by the florist who did these flowers? Go here.


Apis Melliflora said...

The vase of flowers has that effortless thrown together look, but, upon further inspection, it's clearly the work of a master.

Rain, rain go away....even if for just one day!

AllisonK said...

Love that you carried if from room to room. I agree with Melissa, looks effortless and magnificent!

We would love some rain, send it my way. Hope you dry out soon.

Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Aiketa said...

I understand why you carried them from one room to another, they are so beautiful! I love that's a mix of so many different flowers and different colors. And I imagine the smell...