June 12, 2013

RedDog at Ten …


Happy Birthday to my RedDog! We’ve been to IHOP with the best friend this morning and now we’re doing everything in our power to make his day great.  Here are a few tidbits about my boy at age ten:

  • He has finally started sleeping in past 7:00 a.m.
  • He loves Chinese food.
  • He wants to learn to play saxaphone.
  • He has taken up golf.
  • He has committed to reading the entire Book of Mormon this summer by himself.
  • He still likes to snuggle his momma.
  • He likes riding his bike around the neighborhood looking for adventure.
  • He owns a pocket knife.
  • He loves MineCraft and Legos.
  • He has an amazing rock & crystal collection.
  • He got straight A’s in Fourth Grade.
  • He loves God and Jesus.

We’re so lucky to have RedDog in our family. He is a ray of light to me in an otherwise teenage and toddler filled dramafest. He’s the middleman and we wouldn’t be a family without him.

I love you RedDog!


Apis Melliflora said...

Happy Birthday Red Dog!

Double digits! Yay!

Your summer reading goal is great!

Anonymous said...

such a handsome boy! Happy Birthday!!

The Queen Vee said...

Red Dog I love everything about you, especially those freckles. YOU are one terrific young man.

*****HaPpY BiRtHdAY*****

Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Soren! Have I ever mentioned that you have the coolest name (and nickname)? And how did you get so lucky with those fabulous teeth? Perhaps there will be no braces in your future!

craigandlissa said...
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Aiketa said...

Happy Birthday RedDog!!! I hope he had such a great day!
How cool, the saxophone!!! Go for it RedDog!!! I've always thought that it's one of the coolest instruments!
I just wish I could play any other instrument apart from the flute (recorder) that I learned to play at school...

As the Queen, I love his freckles!!!