June 17, 2013

How About Some Pie?


Did you shower the Dads in your life with love and affection yesterday? There were big breakfasts and dinners around here with presents, hugs and kisses in between. It was a lovely day.

At church we served pie to all of the dads. My friend Angie asked me to come up with some sort of card to give the dads letting them know there would be pie after church.

We came up the idea of using a neck tie (typical Mormon church attire for men) on the card. My favorite detail? A little perforated line at the top, turning the card into a ticket of sorts that could be separated. The message: “This handsome tie is your ticket to PIE.”


Hannie B helped me choose all of the papers for this project. We looked through our existing stash to find papers in hues of browns, blues and greens that had patterns reminiscent of a man’s necktie.

It was a labor intensive project made easier by my Silhouette Cameo. The effort was totally worth it. The dads at church loved their ties.

I hope your Dads had a great day yesterday!



TracyS. said...

One of my old wards did pie for Father's day- I loved that tradition. Very cute invitations!

Apis Melliflora said...

Clever, clever! The silhouette can perforate? pretty awesome!

Sue said...

You clever girl! My mom made 6 mini rhubarb pies, along with several other women in her ward, to give to the dads yesterday.

Elise said...

Love, love, love that idea! So cool!

The Queen Vee said...

I'm for the dads getting pie but not for potential dads getting pie.

You did a great job on the ticket/handout.

Aiketa said...

Awesome idea Samantha!!! I agree with you, the perforated line is an awesome detail, it make it all much more professional! You have so many cool machines! And awesome ideas to do with them (which is the most important part)!

I hope all the Dad enjoyed their pieces of pie and "Happy belated Father's Day" to Travis and your dad, Kernal Ken.
In Spain, Father's Day is on March 19th, Saint Joseph day.