June 6, 2013

First and Last …

Here are my kids on the first AND last days of school this year. What a year it’s been! And can I just go on record as saying it was the fastest year yet?


RedDog now rules the school. No more Fourth Grade! This year he became a Bear Scout, won the Pinewood Derby and took Second Place at the District, took up golf, read 500 books and perfected his MineCraft skills. He needs a hair cut, stat.


Wow, in her before picture, you can tell my girl had been in the sun all Summer! Hannie B, you beautiful, complex creature.  This year she had a case of lice that caused us to chop off half of her hair, played volleyball and loved it, became the Beehive class president at church, pounded out songs on the piano, got braces, developed a little sleep anxiety issue and found out yesterday that she won the cover contest for the Middle School planner that each student will carry next year. Whew! She’s glad it’s summer.


Big C is, well, BIG! Our first born just grew this year. He passed me up in height and is now chasing down his dad. He also played three high school sports, managed to get up each morning at 5:50 for seminary without complaining, earned the rank of Eagle Scout, maintained a 4.3 GPA, got braces off, then promptly got hit in the face by a baseball at high speed and can say as of 11:30 today that he is no longer a Freshman. Um, please someone, stop time NOW!


Here are my bookends. I love them and the ones sandwiched in between so much. It has been a tough year with four kids in four schools. I feel a little worn out. I’m not on my game this year. No end of school party for the littles. My mind is too tired.

But it was a good year. And we have been blessed with generally good health, smart, active kids and great schools and teachers.

Happy Last Day of School everyone. Now it’s time to start enjoying {and surviving} Summer.


The Queen Vee said...

Uh, how can they change so quickly?

Love them all......

AllisonK said...

Love these first and last photos!!! What a difference, things you don't notice from day to day.

Kernal Ken said...

Also very clever to snap the at the same spot, thereby allowing all of us to see how much they've grown in just 9 months.

Apis Melliflora said...

It is good to look back and say "Look what we did!" and "Look how we grew!" They all did amazing things and made major milestones. I think they will reread this post many times in the years to come.

Anonymous said...

Wow - great job mom! They could accomplish all these things because you were there to support them. Love the first and last day photos - may have to steal that idea :)

TracyS. said...

Wow- what a year! Enjoy the summer!

Anonymous said...

These photos of your sweet children melt my heart and I can be sure yours, too. Just look at those happy grins. No wonder. Their lives are rich with the opportunities you provide.
Love being "included" in these glimpses of your family.
Love you,

Aiketa said...

This sure was such a great year for all of your kids. Many accomplishments!
Love this post with First Day/Last Day photo of each one and a little summary of each kid's school year!

And school in the US end much earlier than in Spain. School ends around June 20th-23th. (It's never ever later than the 23th since it's a big holiday night in Spain celebrating the start of Summer, for kids in school. Not the one at the university.)c