May 22, 2013

The Table Is Set …


Last night my mom (The Queen) hosted our last Queen’s Dish of the season. We will break for the Summer and resume our merry making once school starts again.

It was such a beautiful night. We dined inside but had dessert on the screened in porch. We laughed too hard, ate too much and enjoyed being together!

Here are a few shots from the night:

The Queen always does the table up to perfection!


And her kitchen island, which becomes the canvas for our food creations, is always decked out in fresh flowers or holiday décor.


We eat on a different set of dishes each month. Try to wrap your brain around the fact that in three years we have not yet repeated a set of dishes. Last night we ate on my Grandma Nelson’s beautiful dogwood china.


Here we are, the ladies of the Queen’s Dish (minus two – we missed you Shar and Katrina!). I love these ladies so much. They make my life better (and sadly, my bum bigger!)



Aiketa said...

Wow!!! That's many sets of dishes!!! I always love the photos The Queen shares on her facebook of the table settings. Always so beautiful and decorated with such style.

Queen's Dish is such a great tradition and you are a good number of beautiful ladies! Love all the photos you shared of yesterday's Queen Dish.

We did something "similar" this past Summer with my friends from the theatre group and it was so much fun. I say similar, because the only things in common were that we met for dinner and everyone was bringing something homemade. But it was more of a casual outdoors (rooftop) dinner. The best part of it was that we got to spend time together! We are planning on doing the same this Summer!!! I'm really looking forward to it.

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm so glad all those dishes get their moment in the spotlight. I wish the stars would allign so that I could attend one of these wonderful evenings. Friends, food and the Queen's finery make for a wonderful combination, no doubt about it.

Apis Melliflora said...

I spy my birthday twin, photogenic as usual and stylishly accessorized!

The Queen Vee said...

"It is around the table that friends understand best, the warmth of being together and eating good food makes for the most delightful of evenings."

I'm so happy you suggested this dinner group, at last we finally eat on all the dishes before I die. I have to say though, that we are running out of dish options. I think next year will be a very blue and white year.

brendag said...

What a neat and fun tradition you started! Great memories!

Thanks for sharing with us, it is so fun to see all of the beautiful place settings.

AllisonK said...

That is an amazing amount of dishes! Your mom is amazing and your photos are beautiful.

Ronalin said...

I am SO going to miss this! It was always something I looked forward to.