May 23, 2013

Me Today …


Tired. Up until 1:00 AM with anxiety ridden daughter. Up again at 5:50 AM with seminary attending son.

Slow. So much to do today to get ready to head to the beach tomorrow. Am woefully behind. Nine fifteen, still in pajamas.

Itchy. Virginia pollen, you are killing my eyes, nose and throat. Enough already. Let’s say you won and move on.

Dark. My roots are cursing me for forgetting a much needed hair appointment EIGHT WEEKS AGO. Seven more days guys, and you’ll be blond again.

Tinkering. Mother’s Day present of wireless camera remote being enjoyed immensely. Does this mean more pictures with me in them? (See above.)

Somber. Had to tell my ten year old son today that his teacher has cancer. Couldn’t listen to him complaining about her being gone all the time without letting him know. He cried. We said a prayer for her.

Giddy. My best friend is days away from having a baby. No one knows the sex of the little one. Cannot wait to find out! So excited!

Planning. Summer is almost here. We’ve got a doozy on our hands. Gotta get things in order if I’m going to survive.

Happy. Still a choice. Every day. Hard things happening everywhere, but so much to be grateful for.

How about you? Tell me one word to describe you today. If I had to chose a word for you, it would AWESOME.


Apis Melliflora said...

Cheerful: breakfest with bestie, reading to kindergarteners, choir concert, life is full of delightful pleasures for me today.

Aiketa said...

Excited: for next Sunday that it will be the third performance of our play: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare. I'm really looking forward to it. Yesterday at theatre rehearsal, our director told us what we can improve to make it even a better show. :)

The first thing I saw in your photo is the remote!!! How cool!!! I hope that this sure means that you will appear in them more often! :)

I hope RedDog's teacher wins her battle against cancer. And that Ronalin has a easy and short delivery.

And I hope you all enjoy the beach trip so so much!!! :) Have lots of fun and take lots of pictures to share with us! I'm already looking forward to see the creations to come up to for the Sandcastle contest!

TracyS. said...

Glad to hear about your beach getaway. I look forward to pictures!

Margy said...


Hopeful that we'll have a nice relaxing family weekend since the last few have been crazy.

Hopeful that my son will embrace change as he transitions to a new class at daycare now that he's turned the big 0-3.

Hopeful that my rotator cuff injury will heal quickly.

Hopeful that we'll see more pictures with your awesome new camera remote!

The Queen Vee said...

Grateful. I feel so blessed as I see so many people who have less, who are fighting hard battles and who have very difficult lives.

Hannie B's little problem right now is frustrating but she is there, other's this week have lost their daughters and would gladly be with them at 1:00 in the morning if they could. I know you know this...hopefully this weekend will give you a chance to rest and collect your thoughts for the upcoming FUN summer.

Getting your hair done in a week will do wonders for your persecutive :-)

AllisonK said...


Great post. have a wonderful weekend with your family. I can't wait to see what your end of school surprise is. You are such a great mother.

Scharman Grimmer said...

Full. Not my belly (although the after school snack of popcorn was tasty)- but life is "full" of many lovely blessings, many tasks and responsibilities (which are keeping my head spinning & my phone ringing), lots of children (6 boys playing in the basement) and a few challenges.

The Queen Vee said...