May 30, 2013

The Funny …


It never fails. Funny things always happen at the beach. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much. I was happy to have my camera handy to capture a few funny things this go round. For instance, look at my brother attempting a cartwheel. He thought he did a good job . . . until he saw this picture.

Did I mention that it was a little chilly the first day we were at the beach? My SIL decided that donning her goth apparel would be appropriate for the weather. We have now nicknamed her “Beach Ninja”.


Watching Big C get in the water for the first time was giggle inducing. The water was a mere 58 degrees. This picture is of him trying to get his arms up so they don’t have to endure the torture. Can you imagine what his face looks like at this point?


One of the things that makes the beach trip so fun is that my kids get to indulge in all the sugar cereal their bodies can handle. This results in cereal at least three times a day. The first morning I saw RedDog and his Cocoa Puffs illuminated by the light and had to take a picture. It’s like the Holy Grail of cereal.


This person is NOT the Beach Ninja. But she’s trying real hard. The Queen made us all laugh with her double layers of glasses – one pair for reading, the other for being cool. I think she’s pulled it off.


I call this picture “Smack Talk 101”. It’s my brother giving The Hubby grief over horseshoes. Boys are funny.


Another beach highlight is Kohr Brother’s frozen custard. It is pretty much heaven in a cone. We had to drive to two different locations to get the coveted banana flavor. So worth it, if the look on RedDog’s face rings true.


One last funny. This boy, who was dying for the custard, didn’t quite make it. Instead, he retired early in the car and missed the entire outing. Gob open, breathing heavy. Man, the beach wears you out.


One last beach post tomorrow. Hope you’ll join me.


Maclaine said...

Only one more post!? I love the beach and your pics make me feel like I was almost there myself. What a wonderful tradition your family has :)

TracyS. said...

makes me long for the beach!
Thanks for sharing your fun!

christy said...

I hope your next post includes your sand contest. I have really been looking forward to seeing your creations this year. They are always so amazing.

Apis Melliflora said...

His cartwheel is better than mine. (I thought he was showing off his breakdancing moves!)
I love the ninjas, twisty cone, cold water bravery, smack talk and sleeping boy pictures too.
But the cartwheel is definitely my favorite.

LRae said...

What a wonderful way to start my day. I enjoyed looking at your photos of your happy time with your family at the beach. It looks so fun!

brendag said...

Ditto what Maclaine and Christy said!

The Queen Vee said...

I want one of those custard banana cones right now. We did have fun, great pics DF.

Aiketa said...

As Apis said, I think your bother's cartwheel is better that mine... I don't even want to imagine what a picture of me trying it would look like... hahaha
Audrey's and The Queen's photos are so much fun! Audrey's new nickname sure suit her in that photo and I was already smiling when I saw The Queen with two sets of glasses! hahaha
Seeing how much RedDog is enjoy the frozen custard... NOw I would like to taste one myself!

As others said, I hope there was a Sandcastle contest too this year, I looking forward to that blog post. And any other about the beach (they are always fun). Keep them coming!