May 31, 2013

Oopsie …


So, I totally spaced that my sister-in-law was coming from Georgia to stay the night on the way to a baseball tournament last night. She arrived at my house when I wasn’t even home. LAME.

Now I’m making breakfast for her and her four handsome boys. I’m letting my kids go to school late so they can eat cinnamon rolls with their cousins.

Then at exactly 11:00 today I will be relaxing in a pumped up chair, reading gossip magazines and getting my hair cut and colored. I almost can’t stand it I’m so excited. It costs moolah, but it is worth it to me. Sorry Hubby.

The beach posts will have to wait until next week. Here’s a quick shot my Photobro took of me in the backyard of the house we rent every year. The light was so pretty. My hair, not so much. But you can see what a day at the beach (plus early morning help from a curling “wand”) does to me.

Have a great weekend!

PS. Going to see Star Trek this weekend. Nerdy? Yep. 

PPS. Got to go photograph TWO brand new babies at the hospital yesterday. Best day ever.


Aiketa said...

Mmmm cinnamon rolls for breakfast... Sounds so good to me!
What a great photo! I love the field of yellow flowers behind you, such bright color! And you look so beautiful too, I like your curly hair!

Enjoy your "me time" at the hairdressers! Have a great weekend too!

Apis Melliflora said...

Your hair looks great, curly or straight!

When the warmer weather comes, I'm in the mood for a cut and some summer blonde too! Enjoy your salon time.

The cinnamon rolls more than make up for the day before.

TracyS. said...

You look great. Glad you got some good time together in the morning.

The Queen Vee said...

Deniz worked her magic, your new do looks fab.