June 3, 2013

Sorry To Disappoint …


My camera battery died twenty minutes into our last day on the beach. Lame. So I got no sand castle pictures. Which is okay, because there was no contest this year. Sad, I know. Our friends, {castle building enemies, really} the Knolls, couldn’t join us at the beach because they are moving to a new house in the area. I have to say, not having them there really knocked the wind out of our castle building sails.

My partner in sculpting crime {aka: Photobro} did perfect his tiny sand drip tree making skills. I’m sure they’ll come in handy next year.

The winners this year were the kids. When we got the the beach at 10:00 tide was high. The kids were ordered to build a retaining wall and trench to ensure our dryness. They built this awesome fifteen foot alligator.  It’s hard to see in this iPhone shot, but it had shell teeth and an entire row of sandcastle bucket scales going down the center of its back. All day long passersby stopped to take pictures of it – a sure sign it would have won our contest!


The first {chilly} day at the beach Hannie B and Kate made a great mermaid girl with a sea shell smile. They’re both artists, these two. I think you could tell that!


Last thing for today . . . look what Big C found! A dead horseshoe crab. Nasty looking thing! Notice he’s wearing gloves. RedDog and his cousin Sam thought it was awesome.


Alright! Four more days of school here. Crazy. How did that happen so fast?

I’m not ready. Are you?

PS. Thanks Queen for your iPhone photos.


Aiketa said...

Wow!!! The alligator is amazing!!! And using shell as teeth is just genius. I guess many years watching you all compete and making your awesome sandcastle creations, inspired them.

I've never seen a horseshoe crab before. And I agree with you Samantha! The only thing I like about it is how old this specie seems... I just checked wikipedia and it says that the first horseshoe crab fossil is from the late Ordovician period, roughly 450 million years ago. This is impressive!

Good luck with the last 4 days of school Lee kids!!!

Apis Melliflora said...

Crocodile rocks! The next generation of sandbuilders is doing a fantastic job!

TracyS. said...

I love the mermaid sandcastle. It looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing your adventures!