April 24, 2013

Thoughts On Being Full …


{The pink dogwood blooms in my back yard are blowing my mind right now! I’ll be cutting some today and bringing them indoors to brighten up the house.}

Right now I am full.

And I’m not talking about food.

It is a full time in my life. Each one of my kids has great things going on. My Hubby and I are both working with the youth at our church which keeps us very much engaged. Of course, there will always be the requirements of keeping a home and running a family.

I’ve decided it is time to stop using the term “busy” to describe my life. Instead, I’m calling it full. Busy sounds distracting and negative. Full is better to me. It’s how I feel after a delicious meal.

I choose to fill my life with good things. If something is making me too “busy” and taking away from what is important, it’s time for that thing to go. I want to focus on the things that make my life full.

This blog is part of the good, but full, part of my life. I love to write. It is therapeutic and something creative I love to do every day.

I realized yesterday that I was feeling nagged by my blog. It was whispering in my brain, “You are so busy today you didn’t post.” I don’t want that kind of negative feeling to be associated with what I do here.

Please know that I am here. I am writing. I am trying to keep my blog as part of the wonderfully full and blessed life I live. As some days are more full than others and my family requires my time and attention, I may not post. But I am still thinking and writing in my brain. It will all be put down for the record.

And for the record, today I am thankful to be so very full.


Apis Melliflora said...

While living in France, I once made the mistake of saying I was full after a meal: "Je suis pleine."

Unfortunately, in French that means "I am pregnant." Ha!

When your cup is full it overflows with love, comfort and joy for those around you. And that is a wonderful thing for us all! Your writing helps fill my cup!

Aiketa said...

I like your idea of using FULL instead of BUSY. And you are right, busy sometimes has a negative tone while full is the opposite. I think I might use it for my own life. Yeah, decided!!!

I totally understand the feeling you describe about how you feel about the blog when you have a full day, because it has been happening to me lately too.

Apis, I didn't know that "Je suis pleine." means "I'm pregnant." Hahaha funny and embarrassing moments always happen when learning a language.

If you ever want to say in Spanish "I'm embarrassed." don't say "Estay embarazada." because that means "I'm pregnant.". This is a typical false friend. It's always funny though.

Aiketa said...

Oh! I forgot to say that I really really like the photo! So bright and full of color. Love it. I hope you enjoyed it too inside your home.

liz said...

This is why I keep reading your blog, even though we only sort of know each other. You describe this stage of life so well! I'm going to stop saying busy too. My life is FULL, and mostly in good ways, though not always. Thanks for the perspective today.