April 23, 2013

Stage Shots From Barnum …


Sometimes when Owlie has school first thing in the morning and I’ve stayed up late watching a little ALIAS on Netflix, my blog suffers.  Sorry, blog. Please forgive me.

Here are some shots from the play.  All of these were taken in the complete dark and are straight out of camera. The lighting situation wasn’t ideal, but it still gives you an idea of some of the staging and costuming.

Here’s out leading man as PT Barnum. He had awesome vests!


This shot shows lots of sparkly “New Circus” costumes and lots of different Middle School bodies! Look at the tiny girl in the blue tutu! Right next to her in the polka dots is my bestie Ronalin’s daughter. She’s got great stage presence!


Here’s my Hannie B in the front row for Black and White. She’s a cutie!


I loved the ringmaster’s coat and jodpurs. He looks perfect for the part.


More “New Circus” costumes while Mr. Bailey convinces Mr. Barnum to join his circus.


I love this last shot because Barnum is singing that he joined the circus like he wanted to when he was a kid. And there’s my kid right behind him! :)


There you have it – a little bit of the show! It was fun. The kids were so great. But I’m really, really glad it is over. The end.


Aiketa said...

I'm happy that you posted these photos. Getting to see more of the costumes and the actors in action.
I'm even more convinced now of how great it must have been.

Apis Melliflora said...

Great pictures. Everyone looks animated and in character!

The Queen Vee said...

The young man who was the lead did an amazing job with his role. He carried the play and sang a zillion songs with tricky lyrics. The back up ensemble cast were having a blast, I wanted to be part of them.

Great pics Samantha.

Remember what I said about the neck, it shows up clearly in the photos.

JulieB said...

So cute! The costumes are amazing too. Great work.