March 20, 2013

Random Photo Dump (With Captions, Natch) …


Boys love sticks. Please remind me why I even buy toys.


Finally got around to doing our Christmas puzzle. In March. {Thanks Harris Family!}


Date night at the Lee House = Owlie & Lucy together on the “jumpoline”. They’re all sorts of in love.


Why yes. They are twins separated at birth. Thank you for noticing.


Look who helped me decorate our Easter tree because someone was being Mr. Grumpy Pants.


I got a new T-shirt. Appropriate, don’t you think?


I want to eat his face off. I kiss it a million times a day and then at the end of the day think, “Why does your face stink? Oh wait, that is the smell of my kissy breath on your cheeks.”


There’s white, and then there’s what me and the Hubby make. It’s extra super duper white. With a side of freckles.

Thanks for indulging me. This post is what happens when one gets a new camera, takes five gazillion pictures, then forgets to blog about them.


The Queen Vee said...

I've been thinking for some time that the Wilson/Lee gene pool is much stronger than the Carlson/Nelson gene pool. These photos confirm that. Nice work DF, I always love your Random Posts.

Apis Melliflora said...

All those photographic hints of spring are much needed today in snowy Ohio: twigs, pussy willow, dragonfly shirts, children outdoors.

I finally took my spruced up Christmas wreath down yesterday. So any minute now, the weather should turn, right?!

Love those whitish freckly children. They are beautiful.

Aiketa said...

I'm with The Queen, I always love your random post. And your captions are always funny.
And for me today there was a learning bonus. :)
I learned a new slang word "natch" and learned about Easter trees, which we don't decorate in Catalonia or Spain. I think it's a nice and beautiful tradition.

All of the photos are so great too, but I specially like how you captured Lucy jumping on the trampoline with her hair and skirt "flying". And Owlie looking at her! :)

Sue said...

I find myself amused by hovering my mouse over each picture and seeing what you named them.

Peace Out.