March 20, 2013

Out My Kitchen Window …


If there weren’t a screen on the window above my sink, I could reach my arm out and touch this momma turtledove who’s made her spring nest in our holly tree.

I don’t know why, but I am fascinated with nesting birds. The hard work they undertake to find all the materials to build a suitable temporary home, the patient waiting, protecting and warming of eggs, the teamwork between mom and dad – it is all so intriguing to me.

And this year I get to watch it while I wash the dishes!

This picture was quite the feat. It’s taken through our window screen with me perched precariously on a chair trying so hard to be very still and oh-so-quiet.

Isn’t she lovely? She was a very kind subject.

Here’s hoping in a few days I’ll have some eggs to photograph.

Happy First Day of Spring! Even though we’re supposed to get chilly temperatures and maybe even snow next week, this nest in our tree tells me it’s official . . . Spring is HERE!


Apis Melliflora said...

Precious! Here's hoping this birdy's nest stays protected and undisturbed by predators and the like.

Aiketa said...

You got front tickets for Birdie Show!!! How cool is that!
I always wanted for some birds to set the nest in my yard trees, but it never happened...
Enjoy it as much as possible!

Happy first day of Spring you too.

The Queen Vee said...

Hey Mama bird, your famous and now forever immortalized on the world wide web. Can't wait to see your babies, you look like a very good mom.

Scharman Grimmer said...

I agree with Apis. Precious is the exact word I was thinking. Happy Spring!