March 19, 2013

Ha! Gotcha!


I did it.

I got a picture of my teenaged son smiling and not covering his face or acting goofy!

I cannot tell you how victorious this makes me feel. Okay, I’ll tell you.  I feel like I won the lottery! Except instead of money, I have proof that my kid is alive, happy and loves his momma just a little.

His freckles are fading. His braces are gone. He’s got this crazy curl in his hair that he doesn’t really know how to tame. He is no longer a boy. I hate it. But I also really, really love it because he is so fun to be with right now and we can actually converse in a rational, adult-like manner.

The best part of this picture?  See those smile lines along his eyes? He gets those from his Dad. They’re a lot alike, Big C and the Hubby.

I am a lucky mom and wife.


The Queen Vee said...

Ha, ha...sneaky, how did you pull it off. Big C is turning into a big cool adult. We can't spoon anymore like we use to but I bet he'd still laugh if I sat on his bed with hand Fred or is it George speaking to him in the dark.

Aiketa said...

This such a nice photo Samantha! I bet being able to have adult conversations is one of the best things when your kids grow up.
You are lucky, but he and all your family is too, to have you in their life.

P.S: I believe I'm lucky too! :)

Apis Melliflora said...

Hello Big C! You look great and someday you will appreciate these photographs your Mom takes of you (if you don't secretly already).