March 5, 2013

Know What’s Funny?


We all need to laugh, right? I know I certainly do. There have been some sad and hard things going on lately. Here are a few things that have been tickling my funny bone and helping me to smile through it all:

  • This Big C of mine who will not let me take a decent picture of him. He has to be wise cracking every. single. time. Well, now the pictures will be on the internet, so ha!
  • Watching Top Gear with Big C and the Hubby. I know, I know. It’s a silly car show. But it is so funny. And anything that makes my husband gut laugh until his whole body shakes is right up my alley.
  • Listening to Ollie singing Bruno Mars or Maroon 5 in the car. He loves music. But only “boy music” so I have to change the channel when Taylor Swift comes on or there will be a revolt.
  • Learning about the Harlem Shake, then watching video after video of it with my sister and sister-in-law.
  • learning there is an actual dance called the Harlem Shake, googling it and then watching a video to try to learn how to do it.
  • The Queen’s Dish. I almost wet my pants every time I’m there. The stories these gals have to share are rediculously funny and unbelievably true!
  • Looking at hilarious t-shirts with my kids. We want pretty much every single one.
  • Being in cahoots with my brother in trying to convince a cat-loving friend that cats are actually evil and trying to take over the world. (But really, they are.)

When was the last time you had a sersioulsy good laugh? Tell me about it. I give you this as a parting present.  Hee hee.



The Queen Vee said...

Last time, Queen's Dish...thank you Angela Rands for a belly laughing eye tearing story. The scary thing is, what was shared in the story could seriously happen to me some day.

What's wrong with Big C, doesn't he want a few good photos from his teen years? Uncle C needs to give him some advice on how to look cool in a photo.

christa said...

Thank you for this, there has been so much sadness and grieving of a loved one going on here that I need to try to bring some smiles into our home and family again. I will definitely be checking out your links.

Apis Melliflora said...

Hearing my children laugh makes me laugh most of all. Especially my eldest. He's all geared up for his role as Cowpoke #2 this weekend! Looking forward to smiling, laughing and clapping for the Go West cast!

Excellent goof face Big C.

Aiketa said...

hahahaha Big C's photos are so funny!!! Specially the secong one.

I checked some of the funny T-shirts on that site! They sure are funny!!! My fav: "Always give 100%, unless you are donating blood." It suites me so well, always encouraging people to donate some blood.

Also I checked the Harlem Shake dance. It's impossible for me to learn those moves! Hahaha I'm a clumsy dancer.

You made me remember of a moment last Christmas, that my mom, sister and dad were sitting around the table laughing and crying. My point and shot camera has an automatic smile detector and then the camera takes the photo. I was trying to use it with my father and he couldn't manage to do normal smiles, but only awkward ones. It was so funny!!! He didn't think the same tough.

I hope these sad and hard things go away soon!

JulieB said...

It feels so good to have a good belly laugh! Glad Angie provided that at the last QD.