February 20, 2013

For A Sweet Couple …


I know Love Week is over, but can’t we make it last just a little longer?

I made my mother-in-law’s world famous cinnamon rolls for my family’s Love Day breakfast.  The dough was extra sticky, which meant the rolls were going to be extra delicious.

I had enough left over dough to make an entire extra 9X13 pan, but I’m not going to lie, my thighs were screaming at me to get them out the door as quickly as possible! Something about a Beginning of the Year goal to “be more healthy”. Sheesh!

I’d picked up some cute cardboard loaf pans on clearance at the local grocery store a while back and decided they’d be the perfect packaging for two large, lovely, gooey cinnamon rolls.

Some wax paper and a tie of perfect pink and white baker’s twine {thank you World Market} and these bad boys* were ready to go. I delivered them to a few friends and family members on Valentine’s Day with the cheesy greeting “A couple of sweets for a sweet couple!” I hope they were shared between couples and not eaten all at once by a greedy individual {like, say, my older brother}.

It’s the first time I’ve used baker’s twine on something I actually baked. It’s the first time I’ve given the cinnamon rolls away en masse. It’s the first time I’ve baked using cardboard.

It was super fun.

It was also very tasty.

And it looked great in pictures.

I’d call that a perfect example of Love Day Love.


* When I say bad boys, I mean it.


The Queen Vee said...

They were yummy, my better half forgot to eat his so darn, I had to eat it for him.

Aiketa said...

Mmmmmm they look delicious!!! What a great surprise to receive on Valentine's Day.

Queen Vee, your better half loves you so much! He let you it his too!!! :)

Apis Melliflora said...

All your friend & family readers are now wishing they lived in your neighborhood.

No, make that everyone who reads this blog!