February 20, 2013

Buddies …


Last week I went to lunch with my mom and my SIL Audrey while my dad kindly watched the Owlie boy. Owlie has a serious crush on his Papa so this was a good situation.

Usually Papa will read Owlie some books and put on a little show for him to watch.  But this day was different.

When we arrived home the two buddies were busy in the basement and called us down to examine their hard work. They had built Fort Valentine out of vintage blocks and army men. It was awesome!


Both Owlie and Papa were so proud of their work and insisted I take pictures of it, which was no problem for me since they are good subjects and so darling together. I will cherish this picture forever!

When I think that five years ago at this time my father was lying on a table getting radiation and eating through a tube in his stomach, I feel very, very grateful that he could get down on the floor and build this fort with my boy.


Thanks for being an awesome babysitter, Papa! Owlie loved being with you and was really happy when looking at these pictures today.


Apis Melliflora said...

Playing Army guys with an Army guy who happens to be your grandpa--what could be better!

Sue said...

I love, LOVE this! I wish Mack could play Army guys with his Kernal. I also love that there are two forts going on at the same time. And I love the vintage blocks. There's a lot of love going on in this post!

Kernal Ken said...

This was lots of fun! The Owlet knew that we needed trees inside the fort and was very careful to be sure the airplanes were outside. Only disconnect was that he kept wanting to put Medieval soldiers in armor suits alongside the modern guys with guns. We split the difference— I allowed ancient knights to be the ceremonial guards at the gates. Rangers lead The Way!

Aiketa said...

It looks like both of them had a really great time together. That's awesome! :)
These are the best moments! Well, that pic of them speaks volumes, those big smiles! :)

The Queen Vee said...

Kind of like "Double Dream Hands" with Papa Ken making double forts for the Owlet. When I cleaned up the forts Owlet told me I was in big trouble and that Papa was going to put me in a very long time out.

Five years and counting, yep that's a miracle I'll take!!

AllisonK said...

Beautiful!! I know I should think of a more rugged description, but this melted my heart. What a beautiful blessing your father is!

Tracie Carter said...

LOVE THIS moment you'll all now remember forever!!! And those vintage blocks are adorable too! Where'd ya get them? I'm half tempted to make them at an upcoming monthly ward ladies craft night! Awesome!