December 18, 2012

It’s Almost Time …

Christmas is almost here!  One week. How did that happen? This year has been one of the fastest in history, for sure.

I’ve made four batches of THE ginger snaps this December. Not a one remains to be eaten.  They are gone. My belly has loved every delicious bite.

I always refer back to the blog to get my own recipe for these cookies.  It’s easier than rifling through piles of paper to find it.  I’d like to regift it to you here. I have had multiple people ask for it recently.

Meanwhile, I thought it was interesting to compare my photography skills from then (2007) to now. 


Lessons to be learned:

  • Don’t use a flash. Ever.
  • The best photographs are taken using natural light only.
  • Style your food. It’s helpful if you want it too look edible.
  • Learn how to work with aperture.  The blurry background thing is mighty excellent.
  • I love cookies.

I had an audience while I was making cookies last week.  Owlie and his number one girlfriend Lucy were right there watching my every move.  They were the first to sample cookies out of the oven and declared them to be “Alicious”.

Make some today. You can thank me later.


Apis Melliflora said...

We've only made one batch so far. But we've eaten more than that and they disappeared in the blink of an eye. This is a tried and true, gobble-up-the-crumbs recipe!

Emily Sue said...

These are my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

Your photo skills rock now! Wow, what a difference. Thanks for sharing the tips. And kiss on that little sweet boy of yours

The Queen Vee said...

I left a comment here yesterday and it just disappeared.

I love your fan club.

My favorite story about this cookie is when I made them for a 4th of July party in Germany in 1983. Karla Smith arrived while I was baking them and proceeded to eat about 2 dozen of them, needless to say she didn't eat any of the picnic. Moral of this story, it's impossible to eat just one of these cookies.

I'm happy that you and the rest of the family have become avid followers of this ginger cookie despite the fact that it contains the evil ingredient of shortening.

By the way, cute apron and even cuter baker wearing it.

Aiketa said...

I think I should stop catching up on your blog and go eat lunch!!! I'm a little bit hungry and watching photos of delicious food doesn't help!!!

I will bake Ginger Snaps this holidays! I really wanna try then!!! And you are right, I don't know how we got here! Just a few days away from Christmas Day!!! I agree with you, the shortest year ever! I just remember wishing you and the Queen a Happy New Year as it was yesterday and the year is almost gone...

Cute little audience you had!!!

Aiketa said...

Oh, and I also learned some of the same things you mention about photography, to never use a flash and that natural light is the bomb!
Aperture to me is still an unknown field... I hope some day I can have a better camara and learn all this things!