December 19, 2012

A Love Letter To Chocolate …

Dear Chocolate,

You have such a hold on me. When you came to my house all wrapped in celophany goodness ready for the Queen’s Dish, I knew I would be tempted to keep you for my own.

You are the one ring to my Gollum. Ever calling me, ever whispering that sharing is not a good thing. You bring out my greedy side.

I only unwrapped you once, to take this picture. And I did not sample. Not even a single morsel.

But oh! did I ogle. And drool. And even whimper just a little.

Chocolate, you are just so, so good. So I hope you don’t mind that when the Queen’s Dish ladies finally met last night I devoured you with reckless abandon.

And I don’t regret a single second of it. Not the chocolate dipped caramel. Or the chocolate crème. Or the toffee with white chocolate drizzle and pistachio topping. Or the peanut cluster. Or the almond roca.

You read that right. See, I love you.

Love, The Dragonfly

And now, some gratuitous chocolate shots:

White chocolate w/ chocolate peppermint bark.

Pecan brittle.

Almond roca (swoon).

Turtle love.

White chocolate mint crème.

This beautiful, chocolaty post made possible by the talent and artistry of Angela Rands. Love that girl. Love her a lot.


Apis Melliflora said...

If only this post had scratch-n-sniff features!

Better yet what if this post were projected through Wonkavision, then I could reach right through my screen and sample away!

Angela, Wow!

The Queen Vee said...
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The Queen Vee said...

I gained two pounds just looking at the pictures, oh and I left drool on my keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Is it okay to say "huba huba" regarding these chocolates? Cause they are making me swoon :)

Aiketa said...

Wow, sure these chocolates look amazing!!! What an incredible talented friend you have! You are lucky!!!
As I said before in some other comment, even though I'm not a big fan of chocolate your photos makes me want to eat them!!!