November 5, 2012

Thoughts On Staying Warm …

It turned bitterly cold here over the weekend.  I felt jipped – like Fall got passed right over. I also felt a tad bit grumpy because I had to sit in the freezing weather for a baseball game with a three year old.  Here are some of my random thoughts on how to stay warm.

  • Snuggle on the couch while wearing a Viking hat. Works like a charm.
  • Snuggle with a little warm body. Rub the tummy of said body to create even more warmth.
  • Snuggle with a blanket named Veronica.  I can’t believe it’s been almost four years since we got her.  She gets used EVERY SINGLE DAY in Fall and Winter.
  • Wear fuzzy socks.  Wear them to school if you’re Hannie B. Wear them to bed if you’re me.  Then wake up at 3:47 a.m. because your feet are sweating.
  • Drink hot cocoa.  Preferrably Stephen’s Gourmet. It’s the best there is for do-it-yourself at home cocoa. (not a paid endorsement, just 12 years of experience.)
  • Take a hot bath.  Not a warm bath.  A HOT bath. Get in while the water is warm, then slowly eliminate all cold water from the tap until all that’s entering the tub is steaming hot water.  Watch your skin turn pink.  Lay in the tub until it doesn’t feel hot anymore.  Then get out, apply lotion liberally and get in fuzzy blankie pants and fuzzy socks.
  • Eat soup.  Better yet, eat soup with homemade bread.  Feel free to have a second bowl and lick it clean.  Might I recommend a few must try soups? This one and this one are favorites at our house.
  • Wear sweaters and scarves.  Both are in fashion.  Both keep you warm.  I rotate between a stash of about ten scarves each day to keep my neck warm. It beats wearing a turtleneck.
  • Think of the beautiful tropical vacation you took last year at this time.  Pristine beaches and turquoise water.  Sigh.  Think of the tropical vacation you are taking in a month and a half.  Then remember you’re taking all four of your kids with you.  Panic at will.

There you have it.  What I’m doing to stay warm.  Hopefully you are staying warm too.  We’re sending coats, food and supplies to New Jersey today in hopes that it might help others stay warm as well.

Happy Monday!


Apis Melliflora said...

Now, if its cold and perpetually gray as well, add a Happy Light and seashell applied to ear for the sensation of tropical escapism!

I love all your stay cozy and warm solutions!

The Queen Vee said...

One more trick to staying warm, "Menopause"!

I like that Nordic snuggle especially your wee Viking.

Aiketa said...

I love all your ways to stay warm.
You said: "Snuggle with a little warm body." I try to do the same, but the little warm body is my dogs so so warm body. The thing is that he rarely wants to snuggle with me... he prefers to lay on the floor. Isn't this weird? hahaha

I haven't used the fuzzy sock yet this year, not cold enough for me. But you just described what hapened to me some night last Winter. I would wake up because my feet were too hot.

Oh, and hot baths are the best. The only problem with them is that it's so hard to get out and decide went to leave the shower... {Well, now I realized you were talking about bath, not shower. What i do is shower.}

And soup... that reminds me of a translation I need to finish... But it's not easy to find the words in English of all the ingredients. But I promise you will have it this Winter.

Some years ago I didn't use scarves except for the really thick winter snow that you only use outside the house. Now, when it's cold I feel so naked without some kind of scarf around my neck! And yeah they are so in fashion and I think they improve outfits! It's great. {And that discovery some years ago solved the problem I always had with turtleneck.}

Oh, how great!!! You are going on vacation!!! Where to?