November 1, 2012


The signs are everywhere:

Cocoa steaming in mugs gripped by tiny and large fingers alike.

Flannels stretched across mattresses in the hope that toes will meet warmth when first crawling into the bed at night.

Soups started in the morning, steaming and ready to warm bellies at dinner time.

Leaves dropping faster than they can be raked, crunching under the feet of the children as they make their way to the bus in the dark morning.

Extra blankets pulled to chin level, a cardigan layered over last month’s warm-enough shirt,  and fuzzy socks. Yes! Fuzzy Socks!

Oh Fall, I love you so much. You will forever be my dear friend nestled between too hot Summer and too cold Winter.

Thank you for finally coming.


Aiketa said...

You couldn't describe any better how I feel about Fall!
Many time, I receive a weird look when I say I don't like hot Summer that much... I don't know why but people seem to like hot weather a lot... but it isn't for me!

Apis Melliflora said...

Yes, every year...

...fall is like falling in love all over again.

Anonymous said...

You put so well what is in my heart about fall. Thanks, Sam

jd said...

that painted such a lovely picture! I can just see it, feel it, hear it and smell it. Jealous :)

(though having a hard time complaining about the odd and unseasonal 55-at-night, 90-during-the-day weather here in SoCal this year... when it's so BAD out east--!)

The Queen Vee said...

The date may not say it yet but the weather is, here in Ohio it feels like winter. I think a trip to Target to buy fuzzy socks is in order.

As usual DF you wax poetic.

Anonymous said...

hi mama! Its hannah!